Captain’s new album (by Rik Flynn)

Another first for TMGs this week, as Rik Flynn – with his sky-high confidence after his award winning match report track from Twineham – ups the stakes by crafting his match report in the form of a whole album. When interviewed for TMGs magazine, Rik chucked in a further surprise by announcing that it’s also a pay-per-download enterprise available at:

Only joking, this is a recent charity project that Rik has asked me to advertise where all proceeds go to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Cancer Centre in London in honour of their mate who died last year.

4 responses to “Captain’s new album (by Rik Flynn)

  1. I was going to make some kind of stupid joke about this being a badly disguised late season bid for Rik to put himself up as ‘Captain’, and that ‘for Irini’ was a clear allegory for ‘for tyranny’ to further help his cause….but I thought better of it and realised this might upset the apple cart and be a little distasteful…but then I’ve thrown it in as an afterthought anyway…

  2. Cheers Del – Even if you hate the music, you can buy a tea towel fpr a fiver and wipe your dirty dishes on us…

  3. Luckily Biff never reads these, or there’d be hell to pay. You know how he feels about advertising on the website.

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