TMGs AGM 2021 – 12th November, 2021 at Alex’s house

1. Present and apologies

Present: Robor, Alex, Terry, Biffo, Hatrick, Duncan, Jerry, Dan H, QB, EO, Dan Cope, Dom, Rob H, Chiefy, Dave Day, Del (16 – a new record?)

Apologies: Trev ‘Shagga’ Holden is apparently at a sex party

2. Fixture list 2022

  • Horley can’t host us, but we will try to play at St. James instead.
  • Upper Beeding
  • Jevington
  • Twineham
  • Warninglid
  • Hartfield
  • Goldstone Caners
  • Bodle St (5th June)
  • Tour: Tale Millers (Friday 10th, T20) – we vote: 7 for/3 against, so decision is to try for this fixture
  • Tour: Sidbury – we like the test match (2 innings) format. Adam D apparently got in touch with Bish about playing for us on tour.
  • Tour: Luppitt
  • Brighton & Hove Crescent
  • Southwater – aim for longer form of the game
  • Denton vs Littlehampton – almost unanimous vote for Denton. Aim to try to fit Littlehampton in if possible elsewhere.
  • Scaynes Hill vs Cuckfield – we vote unanimous for Cuckfield
  • Streat
  • Findon
  • WG Gracefully
  • Southwick Wanderers
  • Rustington – 9 votes to keep this
  • Staplefield
  • Headliners – 7 vote to get rid of, 5 votes to keep them
  • Mayfield
  • Cutter’s Choice
  • Angmering – we’ve been voted out. Alex will try to find something else
  • Denton – 13 votes for keeping this fixture. This is the last game of the season.

We all thank Alex for doing an amazing job! Ian says that ‘the second last game, is the penultimate game, but if the last fixture is rained off, then it becomes the last game of the season’


Nets are on Thursdays 9-10 in BACA, limit of 7 each week. 6 month booking until about end of March, probably last one this calendar year is 23rd December with then 1 ? week off. Thanks Dom for sorting this!

4. Captain’s report.

It seems an awfully long term ago that the Greys emerged from the bleakest of pandemic winters, blinking into the bright April sunlight having been deprived  of an in person AGM and the traditional Xmas drinks.

…BUT, TMGs were off to a roaring start with 4 wins on the bounce, culminating in another superb victory at Twineham.

…and then the restrictions eased, it became a struggle to field a full team, the rain came and the results dipped.

After being beaten by new team Goldstone Caners, we finally finished off the 2020 AGM in the Constant Garden, and had a great night.

A sun bathed Bodle St. can be relied upon to put wind in the sails and beer in the belly of a Greysman, narrowly and drunkenly, the Greys found their way back to winning ways.

We picked the very best weekend of the year for a glorious tour, where, for the first time in my Greys career, we beat Luppitt!

The good times continued against B&H Crescent…. And then. Came the rain, and we tried to play through it at Littlehampton, and lost.

We stuffed a grumpy Cuckfield tho, then shared the agony of the Euro final afterwards

Next week was possibly the Greys hottest ever game at Streat…. but that was followed by Rain, Rain and Rain.

When it finally stopped we beat Rustington and Staplefield soundly…. had an ill-tempered loss against Headliners…. A lovely day out trouncing Mayfield and as usual underperformed against Cutters Choice.

Angmering brought the season to a close in another 1 sided win.

Final analysis won 14, lost 6. 70% win ratio.

5 new teams this year – Goldstone Caners, Tale Millers, Cuckfield, Littlehampton and Rustington.

Dan Cope has become more of a regular, playing 10 with some very memorable moments and performances with both bat and ball.

James Hoare Debut and run of 5 games at the end f the season.

The Trophy winners will get all the congrats in a minute but I’d like to add a Special mention to DD for playing 10 games this season ending 2nd in the batting and top of the bowling averages. Reminding us that he is a truly class cricketer.

It has been a bit more of a struggle getting a team out this year. We could really do with 1 more 10 game plus player. Might be James H

So all in all, a successful season, a return to normality. DFWTMG!

5. Vice captain’s report.

EO – what a bowling performance! ‘absolutely electric’. Loves having 2 Hoares

Brokeback of everybody’s hearts was Robbie and Ben smashing the 10th wicket partnership record against Cutter’s Choice!

6. T20 Captain’s report.

  • We progressed a lot, playing a lot better. Good management is the reason.
  • The plate level suited us
  • Played 4 won 3 lost 1, then got knocked-out in the knock-out.
  • Loads of good batting and bowling, it wasn’t about individual performances, we played very well as a team. T20 is difficult, sometimes it’s hard that people don’t get a bat or bowl, and everyone was good with this – thanks to everyone who scored, stayed positive, etc

7. Treasurer’s report

  • So I’ve inherited water tight fiscal system ever, so I thought I’d do it my own way. But that was inherited from a water tight packet of money in a bag
  • I’ve opened a bank account
  • Movement towards card payments
  • Everyone must put your name in the transfer, and pay within 3 days of a match.
  • We have about £600 in the bank

8. Secretary’s report.

  • 82,000 website views, about 20,000 visitors, 2020 visitors this year!
  • Reconfiguring website: PSM and fixtures split into years
  • New initiative: match report summary! many thanks to EO, the flat capster napster for a super job to produce this!
  • Top ‘views’ match reports of all time
website top views of all time
  • Top ‘views’ match reports of 2021
2021 top views of match reports from 2021 season
2021 website views and historical
2021 views by country
  • Let’s aim for ‘impeccable’ record keeping :
  • record match details (e.g. batting first), outcomes (e.g. who won), catches/names in scorebook
  • aim to give description of PSM in match report AND match outcome
  • we will have some training on scoring and umpiring
  • we need a new scorebook – it’s no good for fall of wicket
  • thanks to Robbie – our stats are awesome!!!!
  • We will need to use an app for the T20 matches
  • Terry knows how to do the digital, real time, live updates on the playcricket website.

9. Stato’s report.

  • Batting minimum of 3
  • Bowling, we now have a record of how the wickets were taken!
  • Highest 10th wicket partnership of 48 vs Cutter’s Choice
  • Thanks Robbie, what a great job you do!
  • Here are the stats for this season in their full glory (also available in the statistics page):

10. Voting in committee members.

  • Captain,
    • Dave noms Alan – seconded
    • Rob noms Ben – seconded – unanimous wins!
    • Duncan noms Dave Day – seconded
    • Dan noms Trev – seconded
  • Vice-captain (net hiring duty)
    • Dave noms Alan – seconded – 1 vote
    • Alex noms Dom – seconded  – 11 votes – wins!
    • Duncan noms Dan Cope – seconded
    • Rob noms Hat Rick – seconded
  • T20-captain
    • Dave noms Duncan – seconded  – 11 votes – wins!
    • Ben noms Dan H – seconded – but Dan is not willing to be noms
    • Dom noms EO – seconded
    • Robbie noms Biff – Biff not willing to be nommed
    • Robbie noms Robor – Robor not willing to be nommed
  • Treasurer
    • Biff noms Hatrick – seconded – wins unanimous! We all out to show our appreciation – you do a great!
  • Secretary
    • Dave noms Tim Greaves –
    • Biff noms Del – seconded – wins unanimous
  • Stato
    • Dave noms Rob – seconded – wins unanimous
  • Fixtures Secretary
    • Dave noms Alex – seconded – wins unanimous
  • Chairman
    • Dan noms Terry – seconded – wins with 12 votes
    • Rob noms EO – seconded not willing to be nommed
    • Dom noms Duncan – seconded
    • Dunc noms Del – not willing to be nommed
    • Dunc noms Jerry – seconded  – not willing to be nommed
    • note: this was a rather odd experience

This is where we have a short, much needed break!

11. Awards for this year

  • Bowling award: EO with 27 wickets average of 14, reclaimed after 17 years!
  • Batting award: Dom wins with 516 runs.
  • Brokeback mountain award. Dom and Robor 109 runs at B&H crescent

  • Norfolk Enchants (catching). Dom wins with 10
  • Match report of the year. Thanks to Ian for the fantastic digestive of the year.
    • Rik Flynn: Bodle  St. Stream of Consciousness
    • Party Seven Moment of the year.
    • Horley – Rick – catch
    • Upper beeding – Dan C – massive 6
    • Jev – Biff – great high catch
    • Twineham – Jerry – sharp catch-4 WINS!!
    • Hartfield – Dimo stumping
    • Gold – Robbie – bowling opener
    • Bodle -Rick – hitting a 6 to cow at cow corner-2
    • Sidbury – Ben for his 6 to cow
    • Luppitt – Ricky noming something from day before
    • B&H – Can cope -sharp C&B-3
    • Littlehampton – EO – falling over
    • Cuckfield – Del -catch
    • Streat – Trev – throwing ball at Eos arse-1
    • Rustington Alex – painful blwo to snchnozzle
    • Staplefield – James H – over the head catch
    • Headliners – Rob H – mahusive 6 on way to brilliant 21
    • Mayfield – Both hoares – catch-1
    • Cutters choice – Ian – 31st dot ball-1
    • Angmering – Jerry – slip catch off boot-3
    • Wildcard-chief for pizzagate
    • Wildcard-Ben Noms Ricky for his Wembley stadium anecdote-1

  • Mighty Greysman of the year.
    • Rick noms EO for his amazing bowling performance-1
    • Dom noms Hatrick for setting up a bank account, revolutionised the way we pay for nets and matches, and came on tour-1
    • Dan noms Trev for increased constant enthusiasm and much more
    • Dave noms the twins – undefined
    • Dave noms Rob, stalwart stato, got his boy involved – all round decent bloke-6 WINS!!
    • Alex noms Del, for being part of the club for a long time -4
    • Robor noms Dan H, great contribution for the club, great guy
    • Del noms Dan C, great contribution, fitted into the club really well, played loads

12. Any other business, now known as ‘premium bondage’…

A rather odd discussion on AOB ensues as Terry shuts things down for the night.

3 responses to “TMGs AGM 2021 – 12th November, 2021 at Alex’s house

  1. I think we missed a trick when voting for PSM and MROTY , in not having a second round of voting. This allows all votes to be cast and gives a small window for contemplation.

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