The Mighty Greys vs Cutters Choice 11th September, 2022 by Dan Diamond H


“I say, Charles, don’t you ever crave

To appear on the front of the Daily Mail

Dressed in your Mother’s bridal veil?”

And so I checked all the registered historical facts

And I was shocked into shame to discover

How I’m the 18th pale descendant of some old queen or other.

Venue: St James East Field

(some crickety tournament is occurring on arrival leading to minor extended debate around the format of the game, with varying opinions. As long as the game starts before 2pm, we’ll play 35 overs with 5 over blocks* being bowled from one end and then swap.

*except the last 5, they’ll be bowled like a normal game of cricket)

Start Time: Marginally before 2………….

Greys Innings:

Biff caught for 5 after hitting a boundary. Dom hits 46 (Saturday’s Kids permanently heckling him with accusations of being a pornstar from the boundary – puerile). Includes a 6, obviously *nom*. Terry hits form, 10 off 47 balls. Stoic. Fenton Snr hits a very important 23 as he watches Dom depart, Fenton Jnr enter and depart and Ryan Thompson on debut look composed with a lovely four to deep square *nom* before deciding running him out was the better option *nom*. Al stays on though with Dave Day to push on the runs (Alex eventually ran a single *nom*). DD hooks a no ball for 4 *nom* on his way to a quick 44, including the straightest of shots to smash middle stump at the umpire’s end *nom*. Al sweeps off a full toss *nom*. The lower end of Eeyo, Benny and Diamond manage 4 between them off the bat, but with some extras bring it to a decent total of 169-8.

Tea (provided).

Opening set of 5:

Other relevant happenings through nominations:

Robbie doing a Cotton Eye Joe dance when coming in to bowl.

Diamond cutter to dismiss a Cutter.

Max’s speed in the field.

Dom’s first catch.

Wickets for Diamond, QB, Eeyo and Robbie.

Max bowls one ball leading to a run out that finished the game *nom*.

Interestingly, in this match, Max faced one ball batting and delivered one ball bowling. Synergy.

Cutters Choice 60 all out.

Somebody (guess who) forgot to bring any dry pants for after the game. DFWTMG

Diamond Dan PSM winner

3 responses to “The Mighty Greys vs Cutters Choice 11th September, 2022 by Dan Diamond H

  1. We should be honoured that such a busy after -dinner speaker and politico-celeb has put together this treat for our delectation. Thank you Councillor Dan. (Can you get us a free parking permit? Just me! Go on!)

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