TMGs vs Luppitt by Ricky 13th June 2021

From Luppitt with love
Had a wonderful time at last game of the tour. Scored a run and got the final wicket after being uncomfortable slogged! But all the same with a great performance from the whole team we managed to break our duck at last!
Was great to see some of the old Luppitt pretorian guard still keeping on and sorry to hear the top girl Mary had passed away from the Luppitt arms, god bless.
So we won at last to glorious cricket and weather…with love. Ricky x

6 responses to “TMGs vs Luppitt by Ricky 13th June 2021

  1. More than I expected to be honest, although hoped for a “lost in the tunnels below the Luppitt Arms” type of thing. An accurate account, I think, of everything that could be remembered. Well done Ricky. Tour equal highest wicket taker I think.

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