Party seven moments

Every week as a team we vote on the best moment of the day. That crowing moment of glory is called the Party Seven Moment (PSM) as written in the fanzine scriptures back in the middle ages. The winner of this prestigious award (shown above being held by our over-sized Richie Partridge) then has the privilege of writing the match report and emailing it in before the start of the next match (but ideally by Wednesday).

Sometimes the moments are all about good cricket. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are about a man getting weed on by a mangy dog (Yes – and that went to Dave Day – here’s the match report!)

2020 the PSM of the year went to Dan H for his 3rd diamond duck in a row! Here’s the fabulous match report from Lindfield: ‘Operation 3 of Diamonds’.

2019‘s winner was Terry for hitting himself in the bollocks at Staplefied! here’s the match report.

2018 saw the Hunky Dunky Trunky take the big prize for his performance at Jevington – walking out with no bat – ‘his extreme incompetence was rewarded!’

2017 Biffo won for his wicket taking ball to clean bowl the final batsman and to win the game at Warninglid (match report here), while in 2016 saw Dom (below left) take the PSM of the year trophy for his match winning 6 to beat the previously-thought-unbeatable Twineham…and to bring up his 50 at the same time! Read the match report here.


In 2015 Ian Sewell won it for his match winning delivery off the last ball of the match (read match report here).

The year before (2014), Terry Burgess won for his amazing moob catch (re-enacted below with Del) on the boundary to dismiss the dangerman in Sidbury on tour (read match report here).


In 2013, Del boy won with his first slip flick to run out the dazed and confused man at Wivelsfield (read the match report here). In 2012 Tel boy took the honours for cruising past his 4000th run in his 250th match against Poynings (read the match report here), the year before that (2011)  the overall best PSM went to EO for his heroic antics at Hammerwood to win the match (read the report here), and the year before that (2010) it was Alan “The Wall” Gallagher, for smashing his 6th four in an over at Poodle Street (read the match report here) on his way to his maiden 50. Great knock, great over, great cider, great chicken curry!! Back in 2009, Robbie took the honours for playing out the last ball in one of those legendary draws, with our back to the wall, he batted for an unexpected 27 hours to stave off the 90mph (plus) bowlers in the dark, rainy conditions (read the match report here).

PSM Winners for 2021 were:

18th Apr         HorleyRick Flynn for his ???. Here is Rick’s ‘Hammy Love Mighty Greys news bulletin’ – match report.

25th Apr         Upper Beeding – Dan Cope for his ??? – match report.

2nd  May        Jevington – Biff Line – for his great catch ?? – match report.

9th May          Twineham – Jerry Brasher – with Hatrick bowling with great pace and accuracy dropped  one short , Pearce cut it to Jerry’s left and he dived clutching it as it went behind him to take (even if he says so himself) a top, top catch – match report.

16th May        Warninglid – washout? 

23rd May        Hartfield – Dimu – for, when taking the gloves for the first time ever, performing a lightning-fast stumping to remove one of the openers. An amazing feat in itself but one that was only possible as he was basically standing-up to the quite rapid bowling of Diamond Dan! – match report.

30th May       Goldstone Cainers – Robbie Hoare – for a cutter that pitched middle and leg and hit the top of off, the batsman playing a forward defensive – match report

6th June         Bodle Street – Rick Flynn – for the one he pummeled one of the front row with a Death From Above cherry-bomb sixer that caused instant swelling to the Fresial milk sackery, whilst the poor recipient was reclining in Cow Corner, sort of not really though…or was it the drive up a hill that he can’t remember playing? – match report.

11th June      Tale Millers – washout?

12th June:      SidburyBen Newland – for his 6 to cow corner as part of his unbeaten 30match report.

13th June:      Luppitt – Ricky Southon – who stole PSM at the very last second by nominating something that had happened in the Sidbury game the day before. He also took the wicket to end their dangerous tail end fightback…which he had created – match report

20th June:      B&H CrescentDan Cope –  there was a crack off the bat, and a split second later, a collective WOW! It took a few seconds scanning about the field to realise the ball was in his hands/groin – match report.

27th June:      Southwater – washout.

4th  July:         Denton/LittlehamptonIan Sewell who, with a tree-lined backdrop was unable to immediately pick the trajectory of the shot played to wide mid-on off the last ball of the innings. Two-runs all day long (apparently) – match report.

11th July:       Scaynes Hill/CuckfieldDel Covill for his first legitimate catch at gully – perfectly executed plan with Dan H to use the slope – match report. 

18th July:      Streat – Trevor Holden for throwing the ball at Eeyos arse whilst he laid on the floor – match report.

25th July:      Findon – washout.

1st Aug:        WG Gracefully – washout.

8th Aug:        Southwick Wanderers – washout.

15th Aug:      RustingtonAlex Fenton for his a painful blow to the schnozzle for PSM from the ball, not the boy – match report.

22nd Aug:      Staplefield – the Young Hoare for his marvellous over the head catch off Diamond Dan H – match report.

29th Aug:      Headliners – the Senior Hoare for his mahusive six on his way to a brilliant 21 – match report.

5th Sep:      MayfieldJunior and Senior Hoare (joint winners!) – a father son combo wicket, Hoare junior taking a catch at square leg between his elbows as he also caught his sunglasses falling off his head at the same time – match report

12th Sept    Cutters Choice – ??

19th Sept    Angmering          1.15pm

26th Sept    Denton                 1.00pm

PSM winners for 2020 were:

19th Apr                Horley                  1.30pm

26th Apr                U Beeding           2.00pm

3rd   May              Jevington             1.30pm

10th May              Twineham           2.00pm

17th May              Warninglid          2.00pm

24th May              Hartfield              2.00pm

31st May              Goldstone C       2.00pm

7th June              Bodle Street       2.00pm

13th June              Tale Millers         2.00pm

14th June              Luppitt                 1.30pm

21st June              B&H Crescent     1.30pm

28th June              Southwater         2.00pm

5th July                Denton                 2.00pm

12th July               Scaynes Hill         2.00pm

19th July               Streat                   2.00pm

26th July               Findon                  2.00pm

2nd Aug               WG Gracefully    2.00pm

9th Aug               Southwick W      2.00pm

16th Aug               Warninglid          2.00pm

23rd Aug               Staplefield           1.30pm

30th Aug               Lindfield               1.30pm

6th Sept              Mayfield              1.30pm

13th Sept              Cutters C.            1.30pm

20th Sept              Angmering          1.30pm

27th Sept             TBA

PSM winners for 2019 were:

21st  Apr  Horley – Biffo Line for trying to set the field for his upcoming spell, not realising they had declared – match report.

28th  Apr   Hartfield – Terry Burgess for delivering a masterclass in how to catch: a) Make sure that opposing waiting batsman is watching catching practice before second innings b) lull him into false sense of security by deliberately dropping all practice catches c) allow same batsman to outside edge one of Ben’s away swingers so that it fizzes through the air in a graceful arc to the safe fingertips of the man with a terrified expression of the man who lives at gully – match report.

5th   May  Jevington – Duncan Edwards for an embarrassing diplomatic incident caused by Duncan’s addendum to the scorebook which the Jevington Captain had misinterpreted as being aimed at him rather than Dom “the run out master” Ashton – match report.

12th  May Twineham – Zack Maxwell for his catch to remove the dangerous batsman  – match report.

19th  May  Warninglid – Terry Burgess for ?? – match report.

26th  May  Scaynes Hill – Alex Fenton for a shock half decent pull shot, then played across a straight one and was bowled –  match report.

2nd June  Jevington – Dom Ashton for falling down a hill and the ball landing in his hands – match report.

9th  June  Bodle Street – Duncan Edwards for his fizzing leg break turns from leg stump to off and and Lee edges it back to Zonk at slip.  – match report. 

15th  June  Sheldon Optimists – Rick Flynn for his ?? – match report.

16th  June  Luppitt – Biff Line for dismissing Barry with a High Yorker and went on to pass a hundred wickets in only his 65th season – match report.

23rd June B&H Crescent – Jerry Brasher  for his Jerry’s back foot cover drive off the far from mute Piper  – match report.

30th June Reigate Pilgrims by Terry Burgess for that run: “Alan”, I pleaded, “Listen to the crowd. Think of your team mates. You’ve got to do it for them”. – match report

7th  July   Denton

14th  July   Poynings

21st  July   Streat

28th  July    Findon

4th Aug   WG Gracefully

11th Aug   Southwick W

18th  Aug   Warninglid

25th Aug   Staplefield

1st  Sept  Lindfield

8th Sept   TBA

15th  Sept  Cutters Choice

22nd Sept  Lindfield

PSM winners for 2018:

22nd Apr  Horley  – Jon Kendall for moving the ball away and Alan taking the catch behind the stumps to remove the opener – match report.

29th  Apr   Hartfield – Biffo Line for his steepling over the shoulder running catch – grumpy match report.

6th   May  Coleman’s Hatch – Jevington – Duncan Edwards for walking out to bat…without a bat – match report.

13th  May Twineham – Rob or Bob Meek for his slip catch with some style – match report.

20th  May  Warninglid – Alex Fenton for finding an anomaly in the score book, and through a system which must remain secret, Jerry’s face saving, quality but jug avoiding 49 had transformed into a much more satisfactory, and jug buying 50 – match report.

27th  May  U. Beeding – Ian Winrow for his catch at slip, he was unable to move out of the way after a Terry turner drew a top edge – match report.

3rd  June  Bodle Street – Jon Kendall for his 1st wicket for the mighty greys and a caught and bowled off the last ball of a rather long over match report.

10th  June  Buxted Park – Richie Partridge for merely pointing out that there was a guy outside wearing a white shirt and that this distinguished him from the other 20 people outside wearing white shirts – match report.

16th  June  Sidbury – Dom AshTON for bringing up his maiden 100 for TMGs, or was it for recording the first sighting of a Pine Marten in Devon – match report.

17th  June  Luppitt – Biffo Line for his overhead catch – underwhelming match report.

24th  June  B&H Crescent – Jerry Brasher who, behind the stumps, flung himself to his right to take a smart one handed catch low down – match report.

1st  July    Southwater – Zack Maxwell for: ‘the kid clobbers a loose one for six into cow corner, and it’s, “hmm, he was supposed to chip that down to long on”. Eventually the kid complies, and hoofs one in the air, straight-ish on the on side and its scooped up by Zack aka. “The Bucket” running in from the boundary’ – match report.

8th  July   Denton – Alan Galagher for his fine diving catch, importantly incorporating a textbook Judo roll for extra cool points, to get rid of the oppo number 4 – match report.

15th  July   Scaynes Hill – Ian Sewell for taking out the dangerous Number Five who drove back ferociously at the ring-rusty scrote and was caught and bowled with a little juggle – match report.

22nd July   Streat – Richard Partridge for his inability to tell the difference between Alex, Zac, and their cars. All black cars look the same to Rich –  match report.

29th  July   TBA – washed out :0(

5th Aug    WG Gracefully – Dom Ashton for bringing up his 50 with a cheeky PSM-winning reverse-sweep – match report.

12th Aug   Southwick W – Ian Sewell for applying his trademark dropping, shaping straight-one which Private Godfrey played all around…resulting in his 300th wicket for the mighty greys – match report

19th  Aug   Warninglid – Ben Newland for delivery to take his 5th wicket, and hat-trick at the same time (caught by Terry) – match report

26th Aug   Staplefield – washed out

2nd Sept  Lindfield – Ben Newland for taking out Grout 2 who succumbed to a middle and leg bound slower ball – match report

9th Sept   Poynings  Watersfield – Rob or Bob Meek who looked set to dent an opponent’s car behind the boundary rope before being diverted by the upright of a football goalpost with a satisfying ‘ping’! – match report

16th  Sept  Cutters Choice – Alex Fenton for his majestic slog-sweep six over square leg – match report

23rd  Sept  Lindfield – washout :0(

PSM winners for 2017 were:

23rd April – Horley – Alan Gallagher for his stunning throwing down the wickets to run out the Horley danger man – match report.

30th  April – Hartfield – Dom Ashton for his final wicket to win the game on the last ball and take is 5th wicket – his first for the mighty greys (in the game where he took his first ever wicket for the greys!) – match report.

7th   May  – Coleman’s Hatch – Dom Ashton for his catch (with a poorly hand) off a steepler to remove the Hatch’s dangerous opener – match report. 

14th  May Twineham                2.00pm a – Rick Flynn for his massive six –  audio match report.

21th  May  Cutters Choice         2.00pm h poss Firle/St J – Ben Redfern for his delivery to bowl the cutter, jagging back from outside off-stump to take middle – match report.

28th  May  U. Beeding               2.00pm a – Duncan Edwards for actually blocking his first ball – match report.

4th  June  Brunswick V              2.00pm h  – Jerry Brasher for his comedic bambi on ice-like falling over in the warmup – match report.

11th  June  Buxted Park              2.00pm a – Dom Ashton for his diving one hand catch – match report.

17th  June  Sidbury                      2.00pm a – Dave McHugh for his ‘loud popping sound as he fell poleaxed to the floor thrashing around like a fish on sandy beach, trying to make his ground’ – match report.

18th  June  Luppitt                       1.30pm a – Dave Day for his  ‘ball of the century’ pitching six inches outside leg stump but still coming back enough to bowl the danger man – match report.

25th  June  B&H Crescent           2.00pm a – Alan Gallagher for his direct hit run out from the boundary- match report.

2nd  July  Southwater               2.00pm a – Dom Ashton for his massive 6 into the allotments over deep mid-wicket – match report.

9th  July   Denton                       2.00pm a – Biff Line for reaching his 7000th career run – match report.

16th  July   Arundel                     2.00pm a – wash out

23rd July   Streat                          2.00pm a – wash out

30th  July   Ansty  Southwick W    2.00pm a – Terry Burgess for dispatching his 5000th run for TMGs into the hedge – match report.

6th Aug   WG Gracefully        2.00pm a – Ricky Southon for clean bowling the opening batsman danger man middle stump – our only wicket of the day – match report.

13th Aug   Southwick W             2.00pm a – Terry Burgess for his diving caught and bowled – match report.

20th  Aug  Warninglid               2.00pm a – Biff Line for removing the middle stump of the Warninglid’s last batsman to win by 1 run – match report. 

27th Aug   Staplefield – Ifield     1.30pm a – Alan Gallagher for hitting the ball back over the bowlers head for 4 off the final ball of the innings – match report. 

3rd Sept  Lindfield                    1.30pm a – Duncan Edwards for his beautiful checked drive straight down the ground on the on side, skidding across the turf bouncing back off the wall of the pavilion  – match report.

10th Sept  Poynings                   1.30pm a – Rik Flynn for bringing up his maiden 50  – audio match report.

17th  Sept  Balcombe                  1.30pm a – Alan Gallagher for bowling the Balcombe danger man with a fast yorker  – match report.

24th  Sept  Lindfield                    1.00pm a – Ben Newland for undoing the Lindfield skipper with a one-two of slower away swinger followed by a quicker ball swinging up the hill and removing his off stump– match report.

1st  Oct   Angmering   Horley        1.30pm a – Duncan Edwards for his stunning catch off the Shadow – match report.

PSM winners for 2016 were:

Sun 26 Apr Hartfield 1.30pm a Draw   Jerry Brasher – swirling catch taken over his shoulder– match report
Sun 03 May Colemans Hatch 2.00pm a Won 103 Runs Alex Fenton – running Terry out from square leg umpire- match report.
Sun 10 May Twineham 2.00pm a Won 7 Wickets Dom Ashton – hitting a six to win the game, and bring up his maiden 50– match report.
Sun 17 May Cutters Choice 2.00pm a Lost 43 Runs Alan Gallagher – clean bowled first ball of the match – match report.
Sun 24 May Bramber & Beeding 2.00pm a Won 22 Runs Ibu Azami – second 6 of three–  match report.
Sun 31 May Buxted Park 2.00pm a Lost 110 Runs Alan Gallagher – cartwheeling stump and bail landing in the stump hole– match report.
Sun 07 Jun Brunswick Village 2.00pm h Lost 5 Wickets Alex Fenton – pithy sledge–  match report.
Sat 13 Jun Sidbury 2.00pm a Lost 6 Wickets Ben Newland – Superb wicket taking delivery– match report.
Sun 14 Jun Luppitt 1.30pm a Lost 5 Wickets Dom Ashton – Taking a skyer whilst under the influence – match report.
Sun 21 Jun B&H Crescent 2.00pm a Draw Rain Rob Hoare – slip catch–  match report.
Sun 28 Jun Bodle Street 1.30pm a Won 88 Runs Alan Gallagher – First ever Pfeiffer delivery– match report.
Sun 05 Jul Denton 2.00pm a Won 148 Runs Ben Newland – Pfeiffer delivery– match report.
Sun 12 Jul Lindfield 2.00pm a No match Rain  
Sun 19 Jul Streat 2.00pm a Draw   Ian Sewell – First wicket (C&B opener) of pfeiffer– match report.
Sun 26 Jul Ansty 2.00pm a Draw   Ibu Azami – making ground to take skyer of own bowling– match report.
Sun 02 Aug WG Gracefully 2.00pm a Won 2 Wickets Ian Sewell – Stunning C&B– match report.
Sun 09 Aug Southwick Wanderers 2.00pm a Draw   Ben Newland – Diving catch to remove big hitting opener– match report.
Sun 16 Aug Warninglid 2.00pm a Won 12 Runs Zack Dykes – Diving catch to remove last batsman– match report.
Sun 23 Aug Staplefield 2.00pm a Won 80 Runs Alan Gallagher – Rebound catch– match report.
Sun 30 Aug Hammerwood 1.30pm a No match No team  
Sun 06 Sep Poynings 1.30pm a Lost 4 Wickets Terry Burgess & Alex Fenton – spirit of ’77– match report.
Sun 13 Sep Arundel 1.00pm a Won 7 Wickets Dom Ashton – 6 to win the match (again)– match report.
Sun 20 Sep Balcombe 1.30pm a Won 147 Runs Ricky Southon – Delivery to bring up 100 career wickets– match report.
Sun 27 Sep Angmering 1.30pm a Won 28 Runs Dom Ashton – catch on the boundary – doing the fairy dance– match report.

PSM winners for 2015 were:

26th Apr Hartfield Del Covill – for smashing a low full toss onto the roof of the Harfield club house smashing a few tiles to bring up his 50 – match report.

3rd  May  Warninglid – Brunswick Village – Rob Hoare – for a cracking one handed caught and bowled from the top end – match report.

10th May   Twineham – Ben Newland – for removing the danger man (Trollope)’s off stump – match report.

17th May   Cutters Choice – Zack Dyke – for his solid under pressure catch in the outfield to remove the Choice’s danger man – match report.

24th May   Findon – Biffo line – for his superb swirling catch over his shoulder running down the hill – match report.

31st  May   Mighty Greys forefathers – Biffo line – for his superb catch made a lot of ground to dismiss the danger man – match report.

7th  June  Brunswick Village – Alan Galagher – for his third wicket of the over, a length ball that swung in to the left hander and clipped the top of off stump to remove their danger man – match report.

13th  June  Sidbury – Ben Newland – for deploying the Great Polymyth’s insights from the opaque world of quantum uncertainty, producing 3 balls that simultaneously existed outside off stump and also on leg stump, leading to 3 batsmen being bowled (the 3rd was PSM?) – match report.

14th  June  Luppitt – Ian Sewell – for mimicking the intrusion of a woody bough into his rectum after his genuine attempt to drag the ball back with his foot left him spinning backwards into the mature hawthorn and bramble – match report.

21st  June  B&H Crescent – Alex Fenton – who with scant regard for the decorum associated with this sport of bat and ball, threw the ball to the earth, and kicked Mr Southon’s bowling mark, in, it should be noted, a particularly uncouth manner (after a series of edges/noballs) – match report.

28th  June  Bodle Street – Alex Fenton – for a one handed catch off one that climbed off a length and brushed the batsman’s glove off Alan – match report.

5th  July    Denton – Terry Burgess – for being hit on the head after Biffo’s call of “your end” – match report.

12th  July   Lindfield – Biff Line –  for some nifty footwork for an on drive through midwicket soon after after being nobbled by the rather rapid opener – match report. 

19th  July   Streat – Alex Fenton – for smashing a lovely cutshot for four off the young opening bowler – match report.

26th  July   Ansty – Washout…

2nd Aug   WG Gracefully – Biff Line – skipping down the pitch and lofting it back over the bowlers head for six – match report.

9th  Aug   Selmeston – Zack Dykes – redeeming himself by taking a high altitude catch down at cow corner – match report.

16th  Aug   Warninglid – Ian Sewell – for his match winning final delivery caught off the glove at slip – match report.

23rd Aug   Staplefield – Washout…

30th  Aug   Hammerwood – Jerry Brasher – for his hook shot for 6 off the lively Lucas – match report.

6th  Sept   Poynings – Biff Line – for his superb running catch on the boundary to bring up Ben’s Michelle – match report.

13th  Sept  Arundel – Alan Galagher – for his full in-swinging jaffa to bowl one of the opening batsman – match report.

20th  Sept  Balcombe – Zack Dykes – for his shot to bring up his maiden 50 – match report.

PSM winners for 2014 were:

27th Apr   Cuckfield Hartfield   – Alan Galagher –  for his second catch of the match, this time at mid-on, he leapt like a salmon/antelope/tiger, putting in a full length dive and snaffling the ball  – match report.

4th  May  Warninglid – Dave Day – for a snorter of a ball to take out off stump of the Warninglid batsman which Alex could see changed direction off the pitch (from point) – match report.

11th May Twineham – Robbie Hoare – for his extreme antics (frightful scream and crazy man dive) to avoid the tree when the ball came flying his way for a catch – match report.

18th May  Cutters Choice – Delbert Covill – for his shot and scream on the final ball, cutting the ball over the infield for four to win the match – match report.

25th May  Wivelsfield G – Ian Winrow – for hitting the 300th run for the greys for the first time in our history – match report.

1st  June  Forest Row – Delbert Covill – for his forward diving one handed catch off Hat Rick – match report.

8th  June Brunswick Village – Alex Fenton – for his lunging one-handed catch (as wicket keeper) to remove the BV dangerman Aroshi – match report.

14th  June Sidbury – Dave Day – for another incredi-ball, that pitches on middle stump and takes the top of off stump (bearing in mind he’s bowling left arm round the wicket) – a delight to watch from first slip, especially bearing in mind the 7 vomits  that preceded the wicket – match report?

15th  June Luppitt – Terry Burgess – for his chesty gutsy elbowy catch on the boundary to dismiss of yet another young strong Luppitt dangerman – match report.

22nd  June B&H Crescent – Rob Hoare – for his sterling outfield catch to remove the BH Crescent dangerman (on 123) – match report. 

29th  June TBA  Ansty  Rick Flynn – for his sterling cover drive – match report.

6th  July   Denton Lindfield   John Moriarty – for his fantastic diving catch – mach report.

13th  July   Lindfield – Alan Galagher – for his moving ball of the century – match report.

20th  July   Streat – David Hadrill – for his spectacular diving catch at gully – match report

27th  July   Ansty – Terry Burgess – for the calamity of running 5 with EO- match report.

3rd  Aug WG Gracefully – Biff Line – for his strategic positioning of Quiet Ben to remove their dangerous opener – match report.

10th  Aug  Selmeston – Ian Sewell – for slipping over (that’s all I could get out of him) – match report.

17th  Aug  Warninglid – Ian Sewell – for an utterly superb left-handed diving catch millimetres from the ground to dismiss the’Lid’s opener – match report.

24th  Aug Staplefield – Richard Partridge – for his smearing boundary through mid wicket to the longest boundary off the fiery Staplefield opening bowler – match report.

31st   Aug  Hammerwood – Dave Day – for a colourful barrage to chubba-hubba-bubba Greaves for refusing to run a single – match report.

7th  Sept  Poynings – Rick Flynn – for his direct hit runout from the boundary that wasn’t a runout – match report.

14th  Sept Arundel – Jerry Brasher – for a wonderful shot to bring up his 6000th run for the club (also scoring a 100) – match report.

21st  Sept Balcombe – Joggi – for an extraordinary catch in the slips rebounded from the keeper – match report.

The Warning Lidthe-warning-lid

PSM winners for 2013 were:


PSM winners for 2012 were:

22nd Apr Hammerwood – no match

29th Apr Cuckfield – no match

6th May Warninglid  – no match

13th May Twineham – no match

20th May WG Gracefully – no match

27th May Brook House – no match

3rd June Forest Row – no match

10th June Brunswick V – EO on a wet day, not sure how he won it, doesn’t say in the match report…typical EO!

16th June Sidbury – Alex for his diving stop at point/gully. Superb!

17th June Luppitt – Alex again for his diving (forward…they’re the hardest!) catch to dismiss their dangerman. Superb again!

24th June B & H Cres – EO winning with a fantastic pluck caught and bowled in the follow through (left handed). It was his birthday wish…well one of them. Shame about the match report.

1st July Bodle St – Del for a classic off/cover drive off the farmboy Mark or Martin.

8th July Hassocks – no game.

15th July Lindfield – Robbie for a big hoik.

18th July WG Gracefully – no PSM voted, but we lost and it was hot!

22nd July Streat – Dave Day for surely some impressive cricketing moment…still waiting for the match report…

29th July Ansty – Robbie Hoare for his ball that nipped back through the gate…possibly the ball of the century?

5th Aug Firle – Robbie Hoare for his sharp low catch at second slip.

12th Aug Burpham – Jerry for his one handed, well 2 fingers and a thumb,  caught and bowled off another hard hit ball.

19th Aug Warninglid

26th Aug Staplefield

2ndSep Hammerwood

9th Sep Poynings

16th Sep Crawley Down

23rd Sep Newick


In 2011, the PSM winners were:

24th Apr Cuckfield – Ibrahim for throwing in, over Jerry’s head and donking 2 Cuckfielders on the head: dink donk!

1st May Warninglid – Ian for his sharp diving pluck at first slip off Ibrahim to remove their hard hitting slogger who was oh-so threatening. It flew over Jerry’s shoulder.We were
pleased to see the back of that badboy.

8th May Twineham – Dave Day for getting wee’d on by that mangy dog at tea. Dave was drinking tea at the time, and was not a happy chappy.

15th May WG Gracefully – Dave Day again for a really sharp caught and bowled on a belter. The guy smashed it back at him and he instinctively put the mits up and straight in it
went. It was the man who Dave also got last year, in a very painful way. Poor bloke is jinxed
by our Double Dee.

22nd May Bodle Street – Del Covill for a high swirling catch at mid on with a dive to cap it off at the end to remove their no. 3 dangerman. Plenty of skin off the elbows to take it a few
inches off the ground. One of the best ever.

29th May Bolney – Alan Alan Alan Alan Galagher for his glorious text book cover drive; bisecting the fielders, timed to perfection and raced away down the hill.

5th June Brunswick Village – switched at the last minute to Lewes Priory. Fixture washed out!

11th June Sidbury Tour – Ibrahim Azami for removing the NOTs star batsmen, bowled through the gate with a superb delivery when he was spanking everyone else around the

12th June Luppitt Tour – Fixture washed out!

19th June B & H Crescent – Biff Line for his fantastic shot through the covers. Che was on form that day.

26th June Jamaica Inn P’s – Alex Fenton for stumping one of the Pirates off Double Dee. No mean feat and totally unprecedented.

3rd July Hassocks – Ibrahim Azami for a superb slips catch in a truly remarkable win against a very strong side. Winning PSM’s is one sure way to improve your grammar Ibu!

10th July Lindfield – Alex Fenton for an amazing full length above the head catch of a rapid Double Dee bouncer. We didn’t even see it!!

17th July Streat- no match

20th July WG Gracefully – Del Covill for his pull shot off the G giant.

24th July Ansty – Tel Burgess for his quip “are you bringing him on at the death?”

31st July Burpham – Robbie Hoare for his fantastic diving slip catch off Del.

7th Aug Firle – Jerry Brasher for his clip over “sqaure” leg for a sixer!

14th Aug Ashurst – Disappointingly match not played.

21st Aug Warninglid – Robbie Hoare for his 200th wicket taking delivery, caught at cover by Del.

28th Aug Staplefield – Ian Sewell lolliping around to take a well judged skier.

4th Sep Poynings – Dave Day for his fantastic straightening delivery that left the Poyning #3 standing there in a forward defensive pose looking back at his jigsawed stumps in dismay.

11th Sep Hammerwood – EO Sewell for his match winning final run. Really it was for the whole final over. So so amazing!

18th Sep Brunswick Village – Alex Fenton for his diving catch, managing just to get his fingers underneath the ball, much to the amazement of the oppo.

25th Sep Forest Row – unfortunately, no fixture here this year.

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