TMGs vs Twineham 8th May 2016 by Dom Ashton


The sun was shining, the birds were singing and eleven mighty Greysmen strutted into the metropolis of Twineham with all the verve and poise you would expect from a team comprised of such handsome gentlemen. Unhindered this year by dead wildlife in the changing rooms, their preparations were relaxed and the team remained unfazed as they were asked to bowl first in the early afternoon heat.

The formidable opening partnership of Ally Gally and Good Ben, set the tone of what was to become an entirely dominant bowling display. Ben (6-0-23-2) splaying the opener Trollope’s stumps asunder to take the first wicket with a dipping full toss. The batsmen graciously walking with no complaints despite Ben’s loud, foul-mouthed berating of the ball before its full potential was realised. At the other end, Alan (8-4-16-1) produced an incredible display of fast bowling, varying lines and length to induce playing and missing countless times. It was a spell that at a higher grade of cricket would probably have yielded many more wickets, but as it was the Twineham bats couldn’t get their edges anywhere near the majority of deliveries.

As the innings progressed, the bowlers changed but the standard didn’t. Robbie and Eeyo (that’s how I’m spelling it) barely bowled a bad ball between them and reaped the rewards as wickets began to tumble with increased regularity. Eeyo (9-2-18-4) clean bowled two of his scalps, and were it not for some hapless fielding from Ashton who dropped an easy one in the covers, would have claimed a deserved Michelle. Robbie (8-1-38-3), matching his partners consistency, claimed three for himself including the dangerous-looking, Edwards, who had added 44 much-needed runs for the home side.

Like the Four Greysmen of the Apocalypse, all the bowlers displayed deadly accuracy and got the ball to move an almost horrifying amount. Dismissing a good batting line up for a paltry 103 runs was quite some achievement and made life much easier for the Greys batters, who tried their best not to eat too many of the delicious scones at tea.

The Greys openers took the field in confident mood but, knowing they’d never claimed victory at this most picturesque of stadia, were not counting any chickens. This turned out to be a wise move, as the Twineham bowlers started in an uncompromising mood. Biff was the first to fall being rather unlucky to get the faintest, feathery tickle on one down the leg-side, but Jerry and Tel ‘The Shadow’ Burgess then dug deep and played well to see off the majority of the bowling from the very good opening pair. Zack (3rd spelling of the year – pretty sure this is correct) was unlucky, having started positively, to get a nick on one that landed on a very tricky length.

Unpanicked, the Greys began to assert some control with Ashton thick-edging and playing-and-missing his way into double figures under the guidance of Sensei Felton. Alex, having already taken 3 catches earlier in the day (including one sensational take down the leg-side), batted with a calm assurance and with no little panache, dispatching one beautifully-timed textbook sweep to the boundary and pulling another into one of the surrounding hederows. After the Twineham fielders had failed to punish some overly-enthusiastic run calls, the Greys closed in on their total with time to spare. Ashton finally connected properly with one, sending it over the man at deep square-leg to claim his 50 and the Greys the match. Lovely.


Twineham 080516_2Twineham 080516_1averages-twineham-2016-mayTMGS-vs-twineham-2016-team-reserved-winnersTMGS-vs-twineham-2016-dom-reserved4winners

7 responses to “TMGs vs Twineham 8th May 2016 by Dom Ashton

  1. A downside of PSM is that if you win it for something good then it then it leaves the winner not wanting to blow their own trumpet (insert own innuendo) in their report, and being a humble and modest man Dom has done just that here. So the bit he’s underplayed is that, in partnership with Alex, he played a superbly controlled and sustained mixture of text book defensives and powerfully middled shots to all parts, including a big six to long leg, which were vital to our first ever victory over Twineham, by six wickets with twelve overs to spare.

    Standing by the pavilion, we knew Dom was on 45, with only 4 to win needed. We debated whether to tell him or not, but it didn’t matter because he mightily clubbed the next ball high over the trees at midwicket. Cue pitch invasion and mega celebrations….and trumpet blowing!

    Look after that shoulder Dom. There’s very many more Greys runs in you and we’re looking forward to all of them.

  2. I only saw the last 20 runs that the Mighty Greys needed for victory, but Alex and Dom appeared to get them with the minimum amount of fuss. Surely hitting a huge six ( and losing the ball in the process ) to bring up your 50 and to beat a team nobody can remember beating is an early contender for PSM of the season ! Brilliant stuff Dom.

  3. Here, Here! Enough with this modesty, on a day when every other batsman seemed to struggle, Dom made it look easy, and then ended it in such style!

    …and not a single mention of the lamb incident.

  4. Can’t believe I forgot the lamb in the pint incident! Especially as it was such an obvious sign that Eeyo was going to be incredibly accurate with his bowling all day

  5. Great report, and sorry to have stolen your thunder.
    Echo all above comments about Dom. Only wish the rest of you could have had the view I had of some of the bowling. Alan especially was really unlucky to only get one. Bowl like that next week and he should be in business. Ian may get PSM of the year on a wildcard with the lamb fat.

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