PSM winners 2021


PSM Winners for 2021 were:

18th Apr         HorleyRick Flynn for his ???. Here is Rick’s ‘Hammy Love Mighty Greys news bulletin’ – match report.

25th Apr         Upper Beeding – Dan Cope for his ??? – match report.

2nd  May        Jevington – Biff Line – for his great catch ?? – match report.

9th May          Twineham – Jerry Brasher – with Hatrick bowling with great pace and accuracy dropped  one short , Pearce cut it to Jerry’s left and he dived clutching it as it went behind him to take (even if he says so himself) a top, top catch – match report.

16th May        Warninglid – washout? 

23rd May        Hartfield – Dimu – for, when taking the gloves for the first time ever, performing a lightning-fast stumping to remove one of the openers. An amazing feat in itself but one that was only possible as he was basically standing-up to the quite rapid bowling of Diamond Dan! – match report.

30th May       Goldstone Cainers – Robbie Hoare – for a cutter that pitched middle and leg and hit the top of off, the batsman playing a forward defensive – match report

6th June         Bodle Street – Rick Flynn – for the one he pummeled one of the front row with a Death From Above cherry-bomb sixer that caused instant swelling to the Fresial milk sackery, whilst the poor recipient was reclining in Cow Corner, sort of not really though…or was it the drive up a hill that he can’t remember playing? – match report.

11th June      Tale Millers – washout?

12th June:      SidburyBen Newland – for his 6 to cow corner as part of his unbeaten 30match report.

13th June:      Luppitt – Ricky Southon – who stole PSM at the very last second by nominating something that had happened in the Sidbury game the day before. He also took the wicket to end their dangerous tail end fightback…which he had created – match report

20th June:      B&H CrescentDan Cope –  there was a crack off the bat, and a split second later, a collective WOW! It took a few seconds scanning about the field to realise the ball was in his hands/groin – match report.

27th June:      Southwater – washout.

4th  July:         Denton/LittlehamptonIan Sewell who, with a tree-lined backdrop was unable to immediately pick the trajectory of the shot played to wide mid-on off the last ball of the innings. Two-runs all day long (apparently) – match report.

11th July:       Scaynes Hill/CuckfieldDel Covill for his first legitimate catch at gully – perfectly executed plan with Dan H to use the slope – – match report

18th July:      Streat – Trevor Holden for throwing the ball at Eeyos arse whilst he laid on the floor – match report.

25th July:      Findon – washout.

1st Aug:        WG Gracefully – washout.

8th Aug:        Southwick Wanderers – washout.

15th Aug:      RustingtonAlex Fenton for his a painful blow to the schnozzle for PSM from the ball, not the boy – match report.t.

22nd Aug:      Staplefield – the Young Hoare for his marvellous over the head catch off Diamond Dan H – match report.

29th Aug:      Headliners – the Senior Hoare for his mahusive six on his way to a brilliant 21 – match report.

5th Sep:      MayfieldJunior and Senior Hoare (joint winners!) – a father son combo wicket, Hoare junior taking a catch at square leg between his elbows as he also caught his sunglasses falling off his head at the same time – match report

12th Sept    Cutters Choice -Ian Sewell – for his ? – match report.

19th Sept    Angmering – Jerry Brasher – for his slip catch with his legs off Alex’s foot and Terry’s first wicket for 2 years! – match report.

26th Sept    Denton                 1.00pm