TMGs vs B&H Crescent 20th June 2021 by Dan Cope

Weather: it turned out lovely. 

Ground: splendid ground surrounded by some epic trees and allotments in the distance. 

Opposition: not sure really as we were under strict instructions to stay on the other side of the ground!  

Overall attitude: high! 

Local youth: gits (white flags…) 

Standard of match report: far below average! But main points covered . . . 

Result: The Mighty Grey knock off the runs in 31 overs losing only three wickets. 


Robo 6 in garden vicinity plus another equally splendid 6 in or around the same area. 

Alex signaling a 5. 

Duncan straight drive down the road. 

Duncan throw into stumps. 

Rob destroying scoring table and spilling jug of water! 

Dom’s slog sweep. 

Rob refusing to run in the field. 

Jerry’s run out. 

Dom bowling right hander. 

Robbo scared of Duncan. 

EO top of off clean bowled. 

Robbie’s catch. 

Winner: myself Dan C, caught and bowled. In all fairness it was a great catch! I do believe, however, that it was mainly my little fella who had his best interests at heart . . . as if I were to not have placed my hands in front of the ball my manhood would have certainly taken a turn for the worst! 


BH Cresent batted first. They started off slowly but with encouragement from their captain they managed to score 178 for 7 wickets off 42 overs. 

Overall our bowling was pretty decent with myself and Ian getting two wickets and one for Dom. 

We managed to knock the runs off with ease in just 31 overs. This was mainly down to two great innings by Dom bowled for 50 and Robo not out for 74. Third highest score in the day was from Duncan not out 18.   

Game was followed by a lovely little drink in Patcham’s best. Whilst sitting outside the Ladies Mile I learnt of the true integrity of the Greysman – five members on my table turned down a financial bribe to fiddle the winner of the PSM!!! 

5 responses to “TMGs vs B&H Crescent 20th June 2021 by Dan Cope

  1. Well done Dan. A perfectly good report, with plenty of actual match detail. Try to be more low profile in games from now on, if you don’t like writing reports. That was a stunning catch, and was always going to win, I’m afraid.

  2. Great report Dan. Really enjoyable read and that fantastic catch will stay in my memory for a very long time.

  3. From the boundary, I had no idea what happened with the PSM. I heard a crack off the bat, and a split second later, a collective WOW! It took a few seconds scanning about the field to realise the ball was in your hands/groin. You consistently do special things on the cricket field. Absolutely nothing wrong with a match report that describes what happened.

  4. Top catch , top match report ; non of this wordy wittering stuff
    . Not as good as Ricky’s obviously.

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