Here’s an area for guests to post comments generally about the site. Whether it’s fashion tips to Tel, or batting tips to Del, here’s where to say it! or guests can also comment specifically about our slanderous posts, our cantankerous pics, our horrible in-jokes.

Have fun!


18 responses to “guestbook

  1. Fantastic Cricket today at East Brighton. Last few minutes were nail biting and exciting to say the least! So glad I got to see it first hand – go the mighty greys! And could I just say how very fashionable, manly and handsome Tel looked in his SS14 whites today…as always.

  2. hoorah! we have a guestbook entry, and it’s fitting that it’s from our biggest fan…thanks Urs. We’ll have to get a “terry’s fashion tips” t-shirt made up for you for that one. I think we’ve still got some in stock, but they’ve run out at MattaMilan…


    • John – Great to hear from you. The older Greys miss our trips to the Far East – are the Highways still going? About your comment – I couldn’t agree more! Maybe we need to start one of those petitions!
      Hope all is well with you and best wishes to your contacts in the Highways.

      Terry Burgess

      • I left Highways in 2005 and they folder in 2010. I sometimes play for Platt C.C. and run there under 11s Still bowling the pie ball…..john

  4. I have in my hand a piece of paper , a petition in fact , signed by some 412 current and former Greysmen begging me to bowl Terry less !
    Thanks for your input though John that evens things up a bit.
    Seriously John , ta for the interest , Tel has been operating as a batsmen recently limiting his bowling opportunities and is doing a fine job , including a magnificent maiden century a couple of seasons back.
    He is still attacking tea with vigour in his bid to become a genuine all-rounder

  5. Some geezer named Burgess recently reminded me of how I used to spend my Summer Sundays between 1987 and 1996. I’m honoured to see that my Greys Batting Average remains a low point in the club’s history. In the eighteen years since this old cricketer left the crease, it’s heartening to know that few others have plunged to such depths of mediocrity with the willow. Great to see that Beer and Banter are still opening for the team.

  6. Nice to hear from you Dave. If your knees are still like they were you must be a about 5’2″ by now…..

  7. I noticed that I was mentioned as scorer in a recent cricket match in England . Please note I am a batsman and not a scorer. I currently hold the world record for the highest ever score of 777 runs in one innings . When I do bowl ( on occasion) I have been recorded as the worlds fastest ever bowler at over 200 mph . Why would I bother to score when I am the worlds greatest cricketer ?
    Your’s Kim Jong Un = Leader of the Free World
    Ps – looking at your web site there only appears to be one chap with a haircut anything like mine . Please get this sorted out . I shall be keeping an eye on you lot .

  8. Hell’s teeth. I’ve entered some parallel dimension where I’ve just searched out my Extra Large cricketing togs from the 1990’s for a freshen up before proceeding with this ridiculous pretence that I’ll still be able to ping some down. If this charade goes ahead, I must apologise in advance for the distinct possibility of my 40″ David Gower monickered strides leaving my currently svelte waistline mid run up and appearing around my ankles in hilarious Whitehall Farce fashion. I thank you.

  9. On behalf of the Founding Fathers of Greys Cricket, I’d like to thank all involved for the marvellous hospitality at St James’ on Sunday. Re-assembling (literally in some cases) myself, Mike Walder, Richard Hibbitt, Mike Davies, Johnny Woodford. Robin Webb and Andy Williams together on a pitch for the first time in some 25 years was quite surreal – just north of 370 years of age between us! Luckily, in true Greys tradition our three young ringers could “play a bit”. Our eleventh man also showed the true Greys spirit of giving as good as he was getting – thanks Ian. Great afternoon and early evening had by all – don’t think too many of us expected to be involved in 69.2 overs (plus Captain Webb’s cameo) and it was a new experience for many of us being on a pitch trying to focus with Varifocal lenses – never had that nonsense in the 90’s. Thanks again guys – much respect.

  10. Thank you for the great write up against Southwater last weekend it was great to meet you lads and here is to nxt year. What a six by the way ( even if it was off my bowling) 240 meters some say into the wind as well?

      • indeedy, thanks Peter for all your hospitality, we all had a great day! and we look forward to a wicket at the lower end of the square next year – where I try for a piddly little six into the alotments – and Dom can try to reach the tennis courts up the hill!

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