PSM winners 2018

PSM winners for 2018 were

22nd Apr  Horley  – Jon Kendall for moving the ball away and Alan taking the catch behind the stumps to remove the opener – match report.

29th  Apr   Hartfield – Biffo Line for his steepling over the shoulder running catch – grumpy match report.

6th   May  Coleman’s Hatch – Jevington – Duncan Edwards for walking out to bat…without a bat – match report.

13th  May Twineham – Rob or Bob Meek for his slip catch with some style – match report.

20th  May  Warninglid – Alex Fenton for finding an anomaly in the score book, and through a system which must remain secret, Jerry’s face saving, quality but jug avoiding 49 had transformed into a much more satisfactory, and jug buying 50 – match report.

27th  May  U. Beeding – Ian Winrow for his catch at slip, he was unable to move out of the way after a Terry turner drew a top edge – match report.

3rd  June  Bodle Street – Jon Kendall for his 1st wicket for the mighty greys and a caught and bowled off the last ball of a rather long over match report.

10th  June  Buxted Park – Richie Partridge for merely pointing out that there was a guy outside wearing a white shirt and that this distinguished him from the other 20 people outside wearing white shirts – match report.

16th  June  Sidbury – Dom AshTON for bringing up his maiden 100 for TMGs, or was it for recording the first sighting of a Pine Marten in Devon – match report.

17th  June  Luppitt – Biffo Line for his overhead catch – underwhelming match report.

24th June  B&H Crescent – Jerry Brasher who, behind the stumps, flung himself to his right to take a smart one handed catch low down – match report.

1st  July    Southwater – Zack Maxwell for: ‘the kid clobbers a loose one for six into cow corner, and it’s, “hmm, he was supposed to chip that down to long on”. Eventually the kid complies, and hoofs one in the air, straight-ish on the on side and its scooped up by Zack aka. “The Bucket” running in from the boundary’ – match report.

8th July   Denton – Alan Galagher for his fine diving catch, importantly incorporating a textbook Judo roll for extra cool points, to get rid of the oppo number 4 – match report.

15th  July   Scaynes Hill – Ian Sewell for taking out the dangerous Number Five who drove back ferociously at the ring-rusty scrote and was caught and bowled with a little juggle – match report.

22nd July   Streat – Richard Partridge for his inability to tell the difference between Alex, Zac, and their cars. All black cars look the same to Rich –  match report.

29th  July   TBA – washed out :0(

5th Aug    WG Gracefully – Dom Ashton for bringing up his 50 with a cheeky PSM-winning reverse-sweep – match report.

12th Aug   Southwick W – Ian Sewell for applying his trademark dropping, shaping straight-one which Private Godfrey played all around…resulting in his 300th wicket for the mighty greys – match report

19th  Aug   Warninglid – Ben Newland for delivery to take his 5th wicket, and hat-trick at the same time (caught by Terry) – match report

26th Aug   Staplefield – washed out

2nd Sept  Lindfield – Ben Newland for taking out Grout 2 who succumbed to a middle and leg bound slower ball – match report

9th Sept   Poynings  Watersfield – Rob or Bob Meek who looked set to dent an opponent’s car behind the boundary rope before being diverted by the upright of a football goalpost with a satisfying ‘ping’! – match report

16th  Sept  Cutters Choice – Alex Fenton for his majestic slog-sweep six over square leg – match report

23rd  Sept  Lindfield – washout :0(