TMGs vs Bodle St – 3rd June 2018 by Jon Kendall

Don’t fuck with the mighty greys.
That’s right.
Don’t fuck with the mighty greys.
It was a hot day, about as hot as a bowl of Dirty Mac’s Mac n Cheese – the one with the spicy chicken and blue cheese – with extra chilli flakes thrown on. Hot.
Pre game was mainly spent debating whether to get a keg of cider from middle farm or heading elsewhere for a beer selection. The Cider prevailed, and was actually pretty good.
Missing Dom and Zak, saw the return of Chiefy and a debut for Jon Jon’s brother Rich Jon, also bearded.
The White Heart proved a great meeting spot, with half their team sitting outside in the sun on the beers already, but unfortunately they didn’t sell Mac n Cheese. Its quite a drive into Brighton for the citizens of Bodle st to enjoy some Dirty Mac, poor bastards.
Anyway, about 2 hours later than the original start time, we started a 30 over game batting first.
Now, without the second page of the scorebook, I am struggling to remember peoples scores, but the main points of the innings were a great 70 not out from Biff, and a 99 run partnership with Wigg which only ended in the most unlucky of ways, when the bowler got a finger to a ball hit straight back down the wicket and ran him out. Dunc smashed a few, Alex ran hard to increase the rate and Rich Rich hit a nice lofted drive straight into the fielders hands off his first ball. Al came in for the final ball which Biff duly pulled for four. 144/4 if I remember rightly.
Tea really brought home the fact Bodle St is in the middle of nowhere, when none of their team seemed to notice there was no Mac n Cheese and happily tucked into, what I must assume was a local dish, of something they called ‘curry’.
It was ok, I mean, it was good but not Dirty Mac good.
144 off 30, would it be enough…
yes, easily.
Bodle St 72 all out within 16 overs
To be fair they were up with the run rate all the way, played unbelievably aggressively as soon as each walked out, but TMGs were too much. Ben swinging the ball in took 5 for 16, including 4 bowled , one of which sent the bail a total of 28.5 Duncans. There was a hat-trick opportunity which didn’t miss by much as the new man in went to launch it over mid on and got nowhere near. Ben also starts the next game on a Hat-trick after taking wickets with his final 2 balls.
Terry took 3 for 10 in a fine spell and managed to dismiss Sussex’s finest batsman along the way. Jon Jon took 1 in his 1st and a caught and bowled off the last ball of a rather long over.
Biff was attacked by Mia the dog, Ben hit the batsmen in the back while throwing in, and Chiefy bravely covered the whole of the legside for an over.
Bodle St. Is a lovely place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon playing cricket, even if there was no Mac n Cheese.  One day. One day.
Don’t fuck with the Mighty Greys.
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  1. There’s no advertising on this website. Just saving Biff the bother of saying it.
    Yours Alex Fenton, CEO of Bat and Ball CC, for all your cricket coaching needs…

  2. I thought Dirty Macs was Terry’s preferred menswear range in Matalans. (Other nylon emporiums are available)

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