TMGs vs Scaynes Hill 15th July 2018 by Ian Sewell

Exciting New Short Game Format with Catchy Name -World CupT20+20(%),(“+another 5%”, pointed out Ben)

I am going to take this opportunity to match the style of my report with the compact format of the game while injecting heat and dry wit redolent of the scorching and scorched Sussex countrysuide.

Cracking Start

The Greys got off to a cracking start Biff scoring 43 off 30 balls. Alan Gallagher ably assisted with a run-a-ball 19. Biff was scoring all around the ground and then delighted the crowd by repeating in successive balls a late soft handed glance down to Third Man for 4. The outfield was exceedingly quick and the boundaries short but this was a good – 63 for the first wicket.

Jerry ,Dom, James, Duncan, Ian Wigmo all scored quickly without staying in quite long enough, two sixes for Jerry and a first ball maximum for James highlights.

Terry struggled as the openers returned. Alex who had seen most of this from the other end then came alive forcing 26, including a grand straight six, out of his straining limbs. Ben came in at the death with a handy nine and the Greys had pushed the total to 170 for 9. Not Bad?

Was this the first ever Greys 100up before Lunch?

What Lunch? A plate of choc-chip cookies and pieces of fresh fruit! Perfect for Bowlers!


Ben and new Greys-legend James, opened the bowling. Ben did well as usual to frustrate and stymie the batsmen. James, however glided politely down the gentle slope and wanged it! Oh Yes, Polish yer Specs, Missus! Have some of that!  Fast and skiddy, unless it was fast and around their chins! Bat rarely met ball, Alex did a brilliant job keeping and seasoned batsmen backed away. The ghost of Guy Somebody, I think I played with him, was again summoned from the Greys Crypt of Mythology.

Ten overs were soon through and the hosts were well behind the rate. Crunch time! Old timers Sewell and Burgess had to manage the predictable onslaught from the repressed batters. Both took some big hits before steadying and keeping them below the then required rate of twelve an over.

In his second over Sewell, took out the dangerous Number Five who drove back ferociously at the ring-rusty scrote and was caught and bowled with a little juggle. PSM!

The game then was in the balance with five overs from Alan and Dom to go. Alan seemed to have sealed it when he skittled the top-scoring opener. It was a fabulous delivery and an unbelievable spell – 3 for 10, but at the other end some erratic behaviour from Dom Ashton let The Hill back in it.

Fifteen needed of the last over, but a six first ball and then a no-ball and free-hit had the field on edge. Luckily Dom regained his composure, survived the free-hit and even got a wicket last ball.

A cracking little game lengthened insufferably by at least an hour of looking for the ball in almost every section of the short boundaries. A bit of chicken wire would not go amiss.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-15 at 18.12.32WhatsApp Image 2018-07-16 at 12.20.49

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-16 at 11.55.52

Averages 2018

Averages lifetime

3 responses to “TMGs vs Scaynes Hill 15th July 2018 by Ian Sewell

  1. Great to have you back from the frozen North, old bean. Guy Keating, I think you’re referring to….

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