Mighty Greys Fixtures 2022

Here is the latest version of our fixtures for 2020 (as of 4th Feb, 2022). Great work Alex!

17th Apr                Horley                 1.30pm   at St James’s – TMGs lost by 5 wickets – match report.

24th Apr                U Beeding           1.30pm  – TMGs won by 179 runs – match report.

1st   May               Jevington/Angmering   1.30pm – TMGs won my 66 runs – match report.

  8th May              Twineham           2.00pm – TMGs won by 114 runs – match report.

15th May              Warninglid          2.00pm  – Washout                

22nd May              Hartfield              2.00pm  – TMGs lost by 8 runs – match report.

29th May              Goldstone C       2.00pm St James’s – TMGs lost by 66 runs – match report.   

  5th June              Bodle Street       2.00pm – TMGs won by 104 runs

10th June              Tale Millers         6.00pm  – TMGs lost by 6? wickets (no match report).

11th June              Sidbury                 2.00pm – TMGs lost by 4 wickets – match report.

12th June              Luppitt                  2.00pm – TMGs lost by 50 runs – match report.

19th June              B&H Crescent    1.30pm  – TMGs drew – match report.

26th June              Southwater        2.00pm  – TMGs won by 5 wickets – match report.               

  3rd July                Denton/Chipstead                2.00pm – TMGs won by 4 wickets – match report                 

10th July                TBA – Jevington   2.00pm – TMGs lost by 6 wickets – match report.                  

17th July                Streat                    2.00pm – TMGs drew – match report.                  

24th July                Findon                  2.00pm – TMGs won by 6 wickets – match report.               

31st July                WG Gracefully Horley  2.00pm – TMGs won by 18 runs – match report.                

  7th Aug               Southwick W      2.00pm – TMGs won by 3 wickets – match report.                 

14th Aug               Steyning Rebels 2.00pm – TMGs won by 8 wickets – match report.                  

21st  Aug               Staplefield          1.30pm 

28th Aug               Headliners Forge Wood 1.30pm – TMGs won by 6 wickets – match report.                  

  4th Sept              Mayfield              1.30pm – TMGs lost by 5 wickets – match report.                  

11th Sept              Cutters C.            1.30pm – TMGs won by 109 runs – match report.

18th Sept              Hand in Hand     1.00pm   St James’s

27th Sept              Denton                 1.00pm