TMGs vs Horley 31st July 2022 by Bumbo Ashtonberry

The Copthorne pitch was slow and spicy – definitely a track that required batting in a helmet. The slowness maybe favoured the batters who play square of the wicket and Biffo The Purple-Helmeted Warrior duly filled his boots until he cashed-out just prior to reaching jug-territory. Jerry had opened alongside him and played some nice aggressive shots before nobly giving himself out caught behind. Peak Greys morality.

Dunc was unlucky to get caught considering Horley rather kindly dropped pretty much everything else that went in the air. Terry was unlucky to be run out by Biff. 

Bumbo gave it some welly for a bit, hitting an overhead smash for 6 (PSM) and a few other meaty-ish honks. Robor entered the fray but found it tough going, bless him. 

Later in the innings the skipper played nicely -hitting one delicious square cut- to bring the Greys total up to a competitive 170-odd from their 35 overs. Not bad taking into account the pitch and some good bowling from Horley’s junior contingent. 

The Greys bowling attack were all on point and it was a joy to watch. Double caused trouble and Councillor Dan bowled deadly-accurate heat; quite an opening combination. Horley found runs hard to come by and wickets were tumbling. Both openers drew edges and proper cricket was breaking out all over the place. Electric. Eeyo, having schooled Ashton in slip-catching, then kept standards up alongside Benny- who was getting wicked away movement off the pitch. 

The highlight of the day was Day Junior taking his first wicket for the Greys, dismissing Horleys most dangerous bat. Robor (thankfully) managed to keep hold of the simple catch behind the stumps. A well deserved scalp for the youngster who’d bowled very good length and caused trouble every time he got his line right. 

Despite Robor missing a simple stumping chance, the Horley chase never quite looked like it was going to ignite. By the last over the batting side were still 25 short. The Greys extinguished any lingering hopes the oppo may have had and wrapped things up without much fuss. 

All that was left to do was raid the bins to see what we could pilfer then get home to watch the highlights of our brave Lionesses. Well done Gals 

4 responses to “TMGs vs Horley 31st July 2022 by Bumbo Ashtonberry

  1. Top match report ; maybe you could have stretched it out a bit by slagging off Robors keeping a bit more.

  2. To avoid future concussions when playing cricket Councillor, may I suggest you consider using your hands rather than your head when attempting to field the ball?

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