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There are several ways to get in touch with the Mighty Greys. These include:

  • leaving a comment (most of the posts in there will be by us anyway!!)
  • email me (Del) at
  • turn up to one of our fixtures (no guarantees that we’ll talk to you though)
  • speak to Alex Fenton our Fixtures Secretary, everyone who’s involved in pub/village cricket in Sussex knows Al! His email address is:

If you are a defector from another club, fed up with the hum drum of your ordinary, non-party-centric organisation and want to join our wonderful club then by all means get in touch!

Thanks for visiting our site!

Del – Secretary for Mighty Greys

3 responses to “contact us

  1. i call on the unregulated and unruly world of Sunday cricket…. dig deep,
    spare one pound or two for the victim’s of domestic abuse, in particular the children, who didn’t ask for it, and are in the same or next room 90% of occasions. Get them out of there!
    Follow the link to sponsor my half marathon – I am 52!!

  2. Dear Mighty Greys

    Unfortunately I have had no alternative but to cancel our game today due to not been able to raise a side, I am extremely sorry to tell you this, but hope we can arrange another fixture for next season.

    Kindest regards

    Neil Davis (Capt)

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