PSM winners 2022

PSM winners for 2022 were:

17th Apr               Horley – Terry Burgess for taking a wicket from his first ball – match report.

24th Apr               Upper Beeding  Ben Newland for

1st   May              Jevington – Jerry Brasher for bringing up his hundred with a pull to midwicket for four – match report.

  8th May Twineham Hat Rick for his catch: the godforsaken moment that led him to this bottomless well of nothingness and nausea: match report

15th May              Warninglid  – washout            

22nd May              Hartfield              2.00pm  

29th May              Goldstone C       2.00pm St James’s            

  5th June              Bodle Street       2.00pm 

10th June              Tale Millers         6.00pm  

11th June              Sidbury                 2.00pm 

12th June              Luppitt                  2.00pm 

19th June              B&H Crescent    1.30pm  

26th June              Southwater        2.00pm                  

  3rd July                Denton                2.00pm                  

10th July                TBA                        2.00pm                 

17th July                Streat                    2.00pm                  

24th July                Findon                  2.00pm                  

31st July                WG Gracefully   2.00pm                  

  7th Aug               Southwick W      2.00pm                  

14th Aug               Steyning Rebels 2.00pm                  

21st  Aug               Staplefield          1.30pm 

28th Aug               Headliners          1.30pm                  

  4th Sept              Mayfield              1.30pm                  

11th Sept              Cutters C.            1.30pm 

18th Sept              Hand in Hand     1.00pm   St James’s

27th Sept              Denton                 1.00pm