PSM winners 2022

PSM winners for 2022 were:

17th Apr               Horley – Terry Burgess for taking a wicket from his first ball – match report.

24th Apr               Upper Beeding  Ben Newland for his Michelle – the first for the greys that includes both seam and swing – match report.

1st   May              Jevington – Jerry Brasher for bringing up his hundred with a pull to midwicket for four – match report.

  8th May Twineham Hat Rick for his catch: the godforsaken moment that led him to this bottomless well of nothingness and nausea: match report

15th May              Warninglid  – washout            

22nd May              Hartfield – Terry Burgess for his fine catch running in from point – match report.

29th May              Goldstone C – EO Sewell for his Unexplained Aerial Phenomena or Unhygienic Airborne Pants – match report.              

  5th June              Bodle Street       2.00pm 

10th June              Tale Millers         6.00pm  

11th June              Sidbury                 2.00pm 

12th June              Luppitt – Adam D for his direct hit run out from the boundary – match report.

19th June              B&H Crescent Terry for his wicket bamboozling and bowling the BHC number 3 – match report.

26th June              Southwater – Dave Day for…god knows what, perhaps a C&B, perhaps a comment about lingerie – match report.           

  3rd July                Denton Chipstead – Roborbob Meek for his fine catch to lift the morale of the becalmed Greys – match report.

10th July                TBA/Jevington – Fourth Dan aka Dan Harris for his …

17th July                Streat – Roborbob Meek for the 6 towards deep mid-wicket to bring up his tonmatch report.

24th July                Findon – Diamond Dan for his Drop, Bop, Hop – match report.                   

31st July                Horley Bumbo Ashtonberry for giving it some welly for a bit, hitting an overhead smash for 6 – match report

  7th Aug               Southwick W – Benny Newland for his diving caught and bowled match report.

14th Aug               Steyning RebelsDuncan Edwards for his one handed catchmatch report.                

21st  Aug               Staplefield          1.30pm 

28th Aug               Headliners – Dom Bumbo for his agricultural swipe: clean enough that the ball sailed over the fence of a reasonably long boundary – match report.                  

  4th Sept              Mayfield Robbie Hoare for being an old man falling over – match report.                  

11th Sept              Cutters Choice Diamond Dan for his yorker to bowl out the cutter’s batsman – match report.

18th Sept              Hand in Hand     1.00pm   St James’s

25th Sept              Denton Littlehampton 1.00pm – Dave Day for bringing up 50 with a crash through covers for 4 – match report.