TMGs vs Southwater 26th June 2022 by Double D

“These are men of integrity and skill” not if you had seen us last week i thought but managed to enjoy the accolade bestowed upon the Greys by Jane in The Constant last Sunday.  

It was a complete reversal in catching which played a big part in TMG’s victory at a canter over our youthful hosts Southwater.

Omens didn’t look great when finding out we were not a complete team after a late withdrawal from Stu but being met by a smiley Biff unlike the low energy hungover “i hope it gets fucking rained off”(sounds very much like another Greysman)was the start of a memorable day. Seeing Biff climb into Alex’s Passat like daisy duke would lift the spirits of any red blooded male. Dom skippered for the day while Ben “worked” Glasto and what a pleasure it was to play under. After initially fucking up with the call of 40 overs… heard his troops and marched back in to the home teams dressing room and demanded 35 -what a guy!

Councillor Hermitage and DC opened and both bowled well but with a quick outfield and the odd bad ball Southwater made a quick start. But we take wickets and both openers cartwheeled stumps out of the ground. Young Karate kid Dan bowled brilliantly without much luck and myself bowled as tight as i ever have – we put the brakes on the oppo. Another first was seeing Clunk take his fiftieth catch for the Greys heartwarming thing to witness and lets hope its the start of something good. But i doubt it. To be fair Dunc bowled excellently and is turning(get it)into a decent bowler.  

Anyway i losing interest in writing this and im sure you are reading it.  

PSM noms in the order they were written.  

DD lingerie comment. 

DD c&b. 

Biff’s 4 to win game 

Dunc bowled wicket. 

Dunc c&b. 

Dom’s poor field placement of Karate. 

DH noncelent catch. 

Biff chaise lounge. 

DC taking out 2 stumps 

DH middle stump removal. 

DC c&b. 

Dom’s slip catch 

Biff’s pull for 4. 

Jerry’s square cut for 4. 

Ok so i gave myself 45 mins to do this and still got 8 mins so other things i learnt from the day. 

When we catch the ball we are a decent team and we all get a lift from it.  

Dom is a very decent skipper. 

Terry is bowling as well as ive ever seen him. 

You dont need 11 to win. 

Terry is going deaf.  

Its still possible to get a good pint for 3 pound. 

My chromebook is from America so does not have a pound sign. 

Alex’s car amuses me. 

I can still leap like a salmon. 

In a survey most Greysman would rather drink a pint of jizz than sick.  

And Dom would do if for less than $1000 

Mic drop and its bedtime  

Night you crazy kids.  

3 responses to “TMGs vs Southwater 26th June 2022 by Double D

  1. I’ll give you an E for effort. And becasue you didn’t I’m going to mention Jerry’s appalling umpiring.

  2. Glad this isn’t an audio book, as I’d never be able to hear a word. But great report and I enjoyed every word of it.

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