13 responses to “TMGs vs Streat & Westmeston CC 17th July 2016 by Ian Sewell

  1. nar, I’m sure they’ll be grateful for us using it to associate them with our brand of no nonsense banter….and it’s not like they’ll find it anyway! xx

  2. Fed up with writing normal match reports? Simply continually raise the bar by finding new ways to amuse and simultaneously intimidate your colleagues with your amazing wit and invention. Tip Top report.

  3. Genius. Had me laughing out loud in the office in Myanmar. Thanks, Ian. And five for six?! You star

  4. Your former opening bowler reading this from a very hot Croatia. Hotel full of miserable and rude Kraut’s. Made me laugh. Tried reading to our foreign cousins in the hope of cracking them. Five. Four. Three. Two. Hun. Tumbleweed.

  5. Currently in Hotel Colditzs Croatia with miserable Kraut’s everywhere. Thought match report might bring some much needed cheer to our grumpy cousins. Five four three two HUN. Tumbleweed!

  6. from Top Tips ( john brown publishing 1st printing Oct 94 )
    Taxi drivers . Why not pop into the garage and ask them to fix your indicator lights for you so that other motorists know where the fuck you are going.
    E . Murphy

    True 20 odd years ago , still true today. . . .

  7. As requeted by El Scribey de Mando the images for this match report have now been updated to include the proper top tip images, and the annoying little squiggly lines under text have also been removed to hide the shabby method used to create these images…

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