PSM winners 2017

PSM winners for 2017 were

23rd April – Horley – Alan Gallagher for his stunning throwing down the wickets to run out the Horley danger man – match report.

30th  April – Hartfield – Dom Ashton for his final wicket to win the game on the last ball and take is 5th wicket – his first for the mighty greys (in the game where he took his first ever wicket for the greys!) – match report.

7th   May  – Coleman’s Hatch – Dom Ashton for his catch (with a poorly hand) off a steepler to remove the Hatch’s dangerous opener – match report. 

14th  May Twineham                2.00pm a – Rick Flynn for his massive six –  audio match report.

21th  May  Cutters Choice         2.00pm h poss Firle/St J – Ben Redfern for his delivery to bowl the cutter, jagging back from outside off-stump to take middle – match report.

28th  May  U. Beeding               2.00pm a – Duncan Edwards for actually blocking his first ball – match report.

4th  June  Brunswick V              2.00pm h  – Jerry Brasher for his comedic bambi on ice-like falling over in the warmup – match report.

11th  June  Buxted Park              2.00pm a – Dom Ashton for his diving one hand catch – match report.

17th  June  Sidbury                      2.00pm a – Dave McHugh for his ‘loud popping sound as he fell poleaxed to the floor thrashing around like a fish on sandy beach, trying to make his ground’ – match report.

18th  June  Luppitt                       1.30pm a – Dave Day for his  ‘ball of the century’ pitching six inches outside leg stump but still coming back enough to bowl the danger man – match report.

25th  June  B&H Crescent           2.00pm a – Alan Gallagher for his direct hit run out from the boundary- match report.

2nd  July  Southwater               2.00pm a – Dom Ashton for his massive 6 into the allotments over deep mid-wicket – match report.

9th  July   Denton                       2.00pm a – Biff Line for reaching his 7000th career run – match report.

16th  July   Arundel                     2.00pm a – wash out

23rd July   Streat                          2.00pm a – wash out

30th  July   Ansty  Southwick W    2.00pm a – Terry Burgess for dispatching his 5000th run for TMGs into the hedge – match report.

6th Aug   WG Gracefully        2.00pm a – Ricky Southon for clean bowling the opening batsman danger man middle stump – our only wicket of the day – match report.

13th Aug   Southwick W             2.00pm a – Terry Burgess for his diving caught and bowled – match report.

20th  Aug  Warninglid               2.00pm a – Biff Line for removing the middle stump of the Warninglid’s last batsman to win by 1 run – match report. 

27th Aug   Staplefield – Ifield     1.30pm a – Alan Gallagher for hitting the ball back over the bowlers head for 4 off the final ball of the innings – match report. 

3rd Sept  Lindfield                    1.30pm a – Duncan Edwards for his beautiful checked drive straight down the ground on the on side, skidding across the turf bouncing back off the wall of the pavilion  – match report.

10th Sept  Poynings                   1.30pm a – Rik Flynn for bringing up his maiden 50  – audio match report.

17th  Sept  Balcombe                  1.30pm a – Alan Gallagher for bowling the Balcombe danger man with a fast yorker  – match report.

24th  Sept  Lindfield                    1.00pm a – Ben Newland for undoing the Lindfield skipper with a one-two of slower away swinger followed by a quicker ball swinging up the hill and removing his off stump– match report.

1st  Oct   Angmering   Horley        1.30pm a – Duncan Edwards for his stunning catch off the Shadow – match report.