TMGs vs Brighton & Hove Crescent 25th June 2017 by Alan Gallagher

Having returned from their annual warm weather training camp in the heart of Devon, The Mighty Greys found themselves in the familiar setting of Horsdean recreational ground, ready to commence cricketing fisticuffs with old foes and local rivals Brighton & Hove Crescent.

So TMG batted first, and got off to a pretty good start.  The skip and Jerry made it to the 13th over and put on 76 before Biff was bowled for 37.  Progress continued uninterrupted as Jerry was joined by the Greys chairman and moral guru Terry.  Upper-cuts from Jez and vicious pull shots from Tel saw the score tick along nicely until Terry was out for 11 in the 20th over.  The Fentonator briefly joined Jerry in the middle before spooning one into the covers. Then came the second major partnership of the day, with Dom and Jerry putting on 89 together before their partnership was cruelly ended by a grubber from Kidman that bowled Jerry for a double jug avoiding 98.  By this point it was nearing the end of the Greys batting innings so shots were played with reckless abandon, Dom having played loads of good shots was bowled for 46, but with the help of Greys newbie Stewart Roberts (12 not out) TMG managed to post a good score of 227 from 42 overs.

The greys turn with the ball saw an early breakthrough with Gallagher getting a wicket in the first over but from there it was a bit of a struggle.  From the other end debutant Perry made a solid start and kept things pretty tight, but Gallagher was getting smashed by BHC’s opener Max Kidman and the oppo were easily up with the rate.  Robby Hoare’s introduction saw a return to line and length sanity bringing him 3 wickets, and eventually the end of Kidman, bowled by slower off cutter in a rare sighting of proper cricket.  Dom had also been introduced and picked up a wicket, but as the overs went by the crescent were getting steadily closer.  This called for the introduction of death bowlers extraordinaire Terry and Jerry who wasted no time in pegging B&H back.  In the space of 4 overs and 4 balls the finishers combined to take 4 wickets (3 for Terry and 1 for Jerry) to end any chances of a Greys loss.  Also during this spell Gallagher bottled out of a catch running in from the boundary which lulled the batsmen into taking an extra run, sensing his opportunity to make up for being rubbish Gallagher managed a direct hit from distance to run out BHC’s number 9, winning PSM despite Robby’s delivery  to get rid of Max being way better.

In the end B&H crescent came up just short, bowled out for 212 in what was a close game.  Good times were had by all on a day where once again it was shown to be an error in judgement, to fuck with the mighty greys.

alan-PSM-cutters-choice-2016B&H Crescent 250617_1B&H Crescent 250617_2tmgs-averages-bh-cres-jun25-2017

15 responses to “TMGs vs Brighton & Hove Crescent 25th June 2017 by Alan Gallagher

  1. I think you’ll find that the Shadow’s official title is: “ceremonial guru to the moral compost of the team”…get it right Gallagher!

  2. Great photo of Al and Ricki, but no mention of “Malaga’s” great boundary catch to win the game. B and HC Report does it justice though. But what happened on tour? Is it a secret? Is there a cover-up?

  3. “…once again it was shown to be an error in judgement, to fuck with the mighty greys” – Top sports journalism right there! Great report Al!

  4. yes “once again it was shown to be an error in judgement, to fuck with the mighty greys.” is absolute gold, Alan!! What a game as well! Top day

  5. Nice one Al. I’ll point out he’s called Kidman, not Kidwell, in case any BHCCC players are reading. In reply to Bung Parliament, Dave’s report in the pipeline, apparently, and I wouldn’t hold you breath for Chiefy’s….and what goes on on tour stays on tour, of course.

  6. I also love the last line but perhaps ” good times were had by all . . .” could have read ” good times were had by all except the poor bloke who broke his ankle . . .” A great report and continuing the Greys tradition of underplaying ones own contribution by not mentioning your superb catch to win the game .

  7. Trying to find something nice to read. Sick of Kate Tempest. Ended up on SidburyCC’s Twitter page to behold my jug-eared presence at gully in one photo and Jerry and Ricky in a state of high-alertness, i kid ye not, in the other.

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