Below are the latest career stats and stats for 2018 for the top TMGs on the honourboard as of the latest game of the 2018 (note you can click on them and they will open larger in a new window). You can also download the full spreadsheet (note the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for season vs career stats) here: Averages 2018-beeding-ma-2018

Averages 2018-bodle-st-juneAverages lifetime-bodle-st-june2018

5 responses to “statistics

  1. Pretty sure I have played in a side containing 11 most capped players. Line
    Lulham ( when he bowled )

    Could easily have been a team from the early 00’s

    • Calm down big fella, what’s the problem here? Too many? Too few? If it’s the former, then there’s plenty of takers to help you out there and take some off your plate …if it’s the Sep Blatter then we can always pinch a few from Jerry or Biffo…either way, blame Rob…see you in 21h4min!

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