TMGs AGM 2020 – part 2 – the awards ceremony!

Sunday 30th May, 2021 – The Constant Service Beer Garden – 9pm start

The time finally came for the mighty greys AGM – part 2 – the awards ceremony! and wasn’t everyone glad that we held out to do this in person, where the red carpet could be rolled out with all the glitz and glamour of an empty constant service beer garden, where we could all scream and shout, where we could all tell chiefy to shut up in the flesh!

As a reminder, in 2020 there was a small pandemic, but more importantly we played 11 (won 7, lost 4): here are the overall results for the fixtures played in 2020, and here are is a summary of the awards on offer this year. For a full list of career stats and a historical breakdown of stats for previous years, see the statistics page on this website:

Back to the big event!

Present: Ian Wig, Dave Day, Del, Alex, Robbie H, Roborbob, Chiefy, Terry, Jerry, Duncan, Ben (QB), Dom, Ian (on video call – good effort that).

Batting Award

First award of the night was the covetted batting award for the leading runscorer of 2020. Congratulations to Roborbob who scored a massive 508 runs with an average of 85, what a superstar! Here is a reminder of the batting stats for 2020.

Bowling Award

Next up was the bowling award, congratulations to Dan H, who took 16 wickets at an average of 16.9 (econ 3.8), with a string of diamond ducks and some superb spells of bowling – awesome!! here’s a reminder of the bowling stats for 2020.

Norfolk Enchants Award

Next up was the Norfolk Enchants award with Dom with 9 catches, a clear winner above Alex who was second on the list with 6 catches. Super effort velcro hands!

Brokeback Mountain Award (highest partnership)

The brokeback mountain award (highest partnership) was awarded this year to Dom and Biff for their 128 run stand at Angmering.

Biff was not able to make the ceremony this year, so Dom started ‘metaphorically hugging Biff’ as the award was given.

Note: we once again discuss the absence of a decent trophy to ‘physicalise’ the award, and in what is a new tradition of someone volunteering but not delivering the goods, Chiefy volunteered to make us a new, impressive symbol of high partnerships….then Terry says ‘shut up Chiefy!’

Party Seven Moment of the Year Award (PSM)

Next up was the Party Seven Moment of the Year (PSM). We ended up with a shortlist of 3, simply because the votes were all taken up by the 3rd fixture.

  • Warninglid Ben’s inswinging yorker got 2 votes
  • Staplefield Roborbob’s wicket sent the bail flying a club record 39.5 paces – 1 vote (himself!)
  • Lindfield Dan H for his 3rd diamond duck in a row – what a fantastic achievement, I’ve never heard of anything like that before! – all the rest of the votes went here – congratulations Union Dan!!!

Match Report of the Year Award

There was a shortlist of three again here:

And the winner was Jerry’s videographic re-enactment of the day’s events from Denton with 10 votes!!! Congratulations Jerry Tarrantino, shown here holding up the award in absentia.

Added in after the Headliners match

Mighty Greysman of the Year (GOY)

A long list of nominations, outlined here to celebrate the contributions made by fabulous members of our club:

  • Robor nominated Ben – for his steady management and co-ordination through torid times in the lead up to the season and throughout – his communication and massaging of banter is very much appreciated!
  • Ben noms Dom – for his ‘puppyish enthusiasm’, arranging nets, contributing hugely with bat and ball and hands, ‘he is the whole package’.
  • Rob noms Roborbob – for his ‘batting excellence‘, scoring 500+ at an average of over 85, that’s rather epic!
  • Dan H noms Trev – for is ‘constant enthusiasm‘, tips on game management, and somewhat obscure late night playlists
  • Dom noms Dan H – for his outstanding bowling effort and for string of diamonds – superb!
  • Alex noms Jerry – ‘cos he’s never won it…despite protestation every year suggesting he should win it sometime’, but also for his car tzaring, cat tzaring, regular banter, willingness to contribute in all game aspects: outstanding long-term contribution with the bat and occasional outstanding contribution with the ball!
  • Robor noms Dave Day – for, ‘um, coming along today’, and ‘for being a legend of the club!’
  • EO noms Chiefy – for ‘all round improvement in attitude’.
  • Duncan noms Terry – for ‘being available’
  • Robor noms Wig – for ‘that catch’, and for general batting excellence!
  • Del noms Duncan – for great work supporting with the website and doing my job for me so often! but also for general all round willingness to help, contribute and support in all departments, 2020 captaincy, website, banter!
  • Rob noms Alex – for fixtures, tour…he ’embodies the greys’.

Terry then says: ‘cool’, and that wraps up the noms. An interesting controversy then ensues regarding the criteria for entry into a shortlist, but we end up with a shortlist of 3:

  • Ben – 1 vote
  • Dom – 5 votes
  • Jerry – 7 votes – Jerry wins the mighty greysman of the year award!
Added in after the Headliners match.

That then wrapped up the awards ceremony for the 2020 season (around 10.30pm?). We then cozied in the warmth provided by the electric radiators, the booze and the love in the room and waited an age for an enormous, sloppy (but tasty) pizza!

6 responses to “TMGs AGM 2020 – part 2 – the awards ceremony!

  1. A near-normal AGM. Well done! But next time can I be placed somewhere where I can see and hear.

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