TMGs vs Angmering 20th September 2020 by Diamond Dan

This week’s match report comes in the form of a comic strip… a Grey’s first I believe? (Full text transcription below for accessibility purposes)

Bumbo’s Boots! When Bumbo went to cricket, he took his old black football boots!

1. After a night of fine wine, Diamond popped off to the toilet, but immediately realised he was in danger!

2. To his horror there was an absence of bog roll!

3. Terry was on hand!! (DAN! I’VE LEFT IT AT THE DOOR)

4. Hatrick & Jerry get The Greys off to a solid start. 51 Partnership. 

5. Alas they are both caught!

6. Enter Bumbo and his wholly inappropriate boots! What was he thinking? 

7. Biff comes in at no.4. The two of them set about continuing the great start. 

8. Runs flow at both ends. A straight drive from Biff. Bumbo launches the ball into the empty goal posts surrounding the boundary. 

9. Both batsman raise bats for milestones. The score nears 200. Bumbo falls for 93. Biff continues. 

10. Clunky enters the middle and scores a 4. He pirouettes and falls down. 

11. Terry falling over. 

12. After taking evasive action off a Biff drive, Tel plays some shots of his own and see’s out the overs. 248-4. A superb knock from Biff. 62 Not out. 

13. A heron flies over. 

14. After tight early bowling QB makes the breakthrough. Clean bowled. Diamond gets a caught/bowled. 

15. Angmering dig in and build some runs. The greys look for answers. They decide to switch the ends Chief & Eeyo are bowling from. 

16. But what’s this!! Biff bowls a relief over and grabs a wicket. 

17. The greys let concentration slip. Some careless fielding. Jerry shows everyone the perfect long barrier. The wrong side of the rope!

18. Bumbo and his ridiculous boots comes back and removes a couple more. 

19. Clunk bowls well. Tel takes a wicket first ball! Clunk finishes it, with Fixtures getting the stumping. 

20. A Victory Completed. D.F.W.T.M.G.S

7 responses to “TMGs vs Angmering 20th September 2020 by Diamond Dan

  1. Indeed a first (though Zac has the Greys cartoonist moniker). Just reading a copy of Viz. Also liked the Muttleyesque snigger at the end of the the Terry video.

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