TMGs v Cutter’s Choice 13th September 2020 by Casual Dan

Nothing beats a good old stitch-up. However it’s never as fun when it’s you, or in this case me, who is on the receiving end! The voting process on the best moment of the day was clearly rigged! A proper stitch-up indeed, scandalous in fact . . . namely for the reason that my fellow team mates were fully aware of my upcoming wedding! The game must go on . . . so here I am, poor old Daniel (who seems to have very quickly taken on the nickname Daniel “Casual” Cope, no idea why (!)) attempting to showcase yesterday’s game.

First off I would like the thank everyone for being here.   A special thanks to the bridesmaids, best men and usher . . . hold on . . . sorry, shit . . . that’s the other important thing I need to write!  Ok back to the cricket . . .

The Greys batted first, scoring 158. Biff and Dom opened and got off to a solid start on what was a fairly unpredictable wicket. Both batsmen were bowled out by Max for 26 and 35 respectively. Rick was looking very promising and scoring some fast runs, his straight drive up the hill was textbook stuff.  Scoring 16 runs off just 8 balls he was then bowled by Ram. Dell remained in to witness three quick wickets, Terry LBW 0, Duncan C+B 0 and Alex Fenton LBW 4. I got to join Dell at the wicket until he was bowled LBW for 12 runs by Ram. Ben and I formed a good partnership concentrating on hitting the bad balls and blocking the good ones. Ben hit a boundary of his 5th ball and went on to score 15 runs before being bowled by Ian. Union Dan was out first ball LBW to Ian and Robbie H bowled by Ian for 5. I ended up with 29 not out, the highlight of the innings was hitting a six into the trees.

Ben opened the bowling and his seven over spell got one wicket for 25 runs.

Union Dan’s well-needed wicket in his second spell, which momentarily put us back in the game, was the actual Moment of the Day! We really needed this wicket and Dan really wanted it! This was apparent from his rather enthusiastic celebration.  Well bowled mate! Very consistent with only 18 runs being scored off 7 overs.

Equally Robbie H’s second wicket was much deserved. Robbie got hit for a couple of boundaries which clearly got on his wick. You could visibly see the anger in the man’s face, which drove him to get his second wicket of the game.

Dom ended up with two wickets, getting a wicket on the first ball of each of his first two overs.

Our fielding overall was pretty decent and hats off to Terry at gully for stopping a ball that shot off the bat, which would have certainly gone for four.

Alex Fenton kept well and not wanting the ball to ever pass him he went to great lengths by even using his mouth to stop it!

The Greys consists of a lovely bunch of cricketing fellows with a great interest and love for the game of cricket. The support for each other throughout the game was exemplary, congratulating each other on a good shot, a well bowled ball and good fielding. Even Union Dan’s comment to the opposition’s batsmen, “Maybe you’d be better off left handed mate!” got a pat on the back.

What is apparent is that when we’re on the field we’re a team that wants to win and we give it our all . . . but like today, if we don’t, then, well, that’s ok too . . .

Now if we can all raise our glasses . . . 

5 responses to “TMGs v Cutter’s Choice 13th September 2020 by Casual Dan

  1. Dan this is great. In fact it’s just been a perfect day! The food was great, the bridesmaids looked really lovely!

  2. Nice one Dan, although it can’t have been a stitch up because we didn’t know you were going to get a wicket in your first game…or a 6, for which you would almost certainly have been nommed (easy DD) for if not for that excellent ball.
    Good luck on your wedding day/honeymoon!!

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