TMGs vs Lindfield 4th September, 2017 by Duncan Edwards

Wet and wild at Lindfield

The Mighty Geys arrived at a grey and overcast Lindfield missing a key character. With rain forecast for later, El Capitan and his Lindfield opposite number agreed a village rules 32-28 format, and unusually the Mighty Reys were bowling first. Ominously, the drizzle started to come down as our brave heroes enthusiastically and athletically bounded onto the field. Thanks must go to the sure-footed Craig of Lindfield for sportingly joining the Might Greys in the field until we were up to a full contingent.

Some superb bowling by Messrs Hoare and Gallagher was rewarded with a wicket apiece for not many runs at all. As the innings wore on the rain got heavier leading to a muddy wicket and slippery balls – a generous excuse for a number of catches being put down in the field.

Tardiness in terms of match day punctuality plumbed new depths with QB relieving Craig in the field in the 11th over and demanding the ball. After again being reminded not to rely on the safe hands of his fielders, Ben took a wicket – knocking back the middle stump.

Some more bowling and fielding happened including 10,000 dropped catches, Biff falling on his face, and an incredible missed run out with which Dom had time to moonwalk down the wicket, tap the bails off, before the batsman would have had any hope of making his ground. Instead Dom sportingly shied the ball at the slips

Zack came in and bowled a lovely spell coming away with a couple of wickets before El Tel came on to do some damage, tempting the batman into driving straight to Zonk at mid-off. This was quickly followed by a smart run out and after 30 overs, Lindfield’s Captain pulled his batsmen off leaving TMGs with a target of 151 to win the game.

Following tea, Biff and Jerry had to be dragged kicking and screaming out into the downpour with Jerry’s “It’s too bloody wet, don’t bother throwing some balls down for me, I’ll warm up in the middle…” returning shortly afterwards, we’re not sure how much of a warm up he managed.

As the rain continued to fall, Biff fell unluckily for 7, with the ball hitting the stumps off his thigh-pad. Some say it was lovely weather for ducks, and Dom duly obliged – edging one to an old man’s trousers off his second ball.

Edwards arrived at the wicket, to what could have been described as a scene from the Battle of the Somme… less the bullets, blood, tanks, barbed wire, trench foot, and all that terrible war poetry.  OK – so it was just a bit muddy and slippery underfoot.

After a few overs, with Hat-Rik and Duncan steadying the ship, they both started playing some shots. And then it happened…

… the clouds broke… the sun shone down … and for a moment some observers claim to have seen the hand of god appear… as Duncan played a beautiful checked drive straight down the ground on the on side, skidding across the turf bouncing back off the wall of the pavilion… and thus a PSM was born.montypython-god-cloud

Alex came in and played some lovely cricket including a “creamy” cover drive. Edwards played a lovely lofted on drive for 4 before being trapped LBW. Dom, who was umpiring at the time, surprised everyone by giving it so late that the bowler was halfway through the run-up to his next ball before the wicket was given.

As the game looked like it might be lurching towards an unfortunate wash out for the Greys, Zack and Terry stood up to the plate, and took the game to Lindfield, with Zack hitting a quick-fire 45, and Terry playing some lovely shots and sprinting between the wickets like a man possessed before being stumped for 26. An award winning 67 partnership including the world’s first 2 followed by a single off the same ball.

A valiant effort for the Greys but with Lindfield bringing their best bowlers back on, Alan and QB were forced to accept the draw.

Given the conditions, The Mighty Greys were happy with getting out and having a game of cricket, but are surely looking forward to turning that draw into a win at the rematch in 2 weeks time.


Lindfield 030917_1Lindfield 030917_3tmgs-vs-lindfield-3.9.17-averages




6 responses to “TMGs vs Lindfield 4th September, 2017 by Duncan Edwards

  1. Heavenly checked-drive Dunc! Congrats on 300 games, Alex! (though pretty sure the scoreboard has underplayed your career wickets total).

    • The question has been asked many times in the past and has never been answered properly so I’ll ask it again. Apart from organising a superb list of fixtures, organising the tour house, making massive breaksfasts, being a great bloke to know, always being game for a laugh, never being grumpy (except when you’re out swishing across the line, which hardly ever happens), knowing everyone who is anyone in Sussex cricket as well as sorting out the youth policy for scores of clubs, scoring thousands of runs over more than two and a half decades and taking crucial wickets with your devilish loopy loops, being the undisputed Jonty of Point, a splendid keeper and stopper of wayward hurls down leg, not to mention playing 300 games for TMG and making up an elite group of three, what have you ever done for the club Alex? I would have forgotten to mention it too.

  2. I’ll add to that – keeper of meticulous scorebooks, driver of drunken team-mates, provider of cheeky heinekens from random pockets (regarding previous point: either/or, not and), educator of naive antipodeans, dispatcher of wayward half-volleys and of course joy to play cricket with, hang out with, and drink beer with!

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