TMGs vs Brunswick Village 4th June 2017 by Jerry Brasher

To win the PSM is a great honour for any Greysman ( or woman ) and to win it with a unanimous vote is one of the highlights of any Greysman ( or woman) career at this illustrious sporting giant , but how can such an achievement be achieved  ( does that make any sense Del , I’ve already lost the will to live and I’m writing this not reading it ) how about winning the game while bringing up your fifty by hitting a six , naaaa done that or going down a slightly light hearted route ; out swinger -leave ,out swinger -leave ,out swinger -leave , in swinger. …….oh dear, also nailed this one . So to get the whole of the team to fully appreciate the shear comedic brilliance of your near balletic shenanigans is an honour I really feel I deserve .

Fielding practice during the mid innings break , 11 sporting greats being put through their paces with my humble self knocking up some steeplers which are then returned with fierce throws to Del’s gloves before being lobbed gently to me to flick nonchalantly skywards. Did this one slip out the back of Del’s hand ( No ) ,was it a knuckle ball ( no) , did it dissappear into the sun for a brief moment ( no) ; all I do know for certain is the next moment my legs had disappeared and I seemed to have grass up my nose .” All the grace of a baby giraffe on ice ” #Tel  and there really is nothing else to add.

Oh we also had a game of cricket against one of our longest standing opponents Brunswick ” how’s that , not out” Village . We obviously batted first because I think those are the rules of cricket …..or something . I was out early steering the ball 10 degrees wider than the week before ie 1st slip not the keeper which brought in Del who along with Biff pushed the score along . Some wickets fell ,some shots were played , Del got his customary hundred or duck and everyone chipped in ( Except a cruelly run out without facing a ball Terry ” well , that was worth sitting here for 3 hours “Burgess ) and we finished on 198.

Tea was tasty and the size of Yorkshire.

In reply , after an early wicket for QB runs started to accumulated for the BV’s with Arosh in particular playing well . Luckily we had the specialist death bowlers of Ashton ( 3 wickets ) and Brasher ( 2 wickets for a miserly 1 run  and if Del had taken a leaf out of the Luppitt keepers coaching manual he could have stopped that quote easily with his face ) and TMG’s ran out winners by 17 runs.





4 responses to “TMGs vs Brunswick Village 4th June 2017 by Jerry Brasher

  1. I resent having to interrogate the scorebook to find out what happened. Even if it appears that you summed it up quite well. I take it your eye being half-closed up is something to do with PSM. Get well soon. X

  2. Oh Ian , I really miss your wit and wisdom and general bantering ; are you touring as I’m drawn against you in the first round of the inaugural DD wiff waff competition ? I’m sorry you had to interogate the scorebook ” look scorebook we can do this the hard way or the easy way. . . . . .”

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