TMGs vs Balcombe 17th September 2017 by Alan Gallagher

With three games remaining in the season, and the Greys finding themselves one down in their win loss ratio, TMG arrived at Balcombe looking to even things up.  The day got off to a good start in as much as for the first time in a couple of weeks we weren’t getting rained on, but despite the relative lack of precipitation the pitch was soggy, and the outfield wet.  The Greys batted first, having to negotiate seeming conditions and funny bounce, which accounted for the Skip early as he was caught behind for 1.  Rick had moved up to open after the previous week’s breakthrough 50, and his good form continued.  Rick played sensibly, blocking the good ones and smashing the loose stuff, including a lovely lofted drive over mid-off, and a couple of smashes over square-leg on his way to a well-made 31.  Zach and Alex came and went fairly quickly, but Dom was able to get himself in.  In classic Dom style, he went on to bring up the team hundred with a six, and then his own 50 with another six next ball, on both occasions with the ball being deposited over square leg and into an adjoining field.  Terry played an important role during this period of the innings, also in signature style, punishing anything short and combining with Dom to put on 68 for the sixth wicket.  With Dom being dismissed for 67 and Terry for 23, it fell to Alan and Good Ben to scramble a few extra at the end, and scramble they did to get the greys up to a competitive 171.

In the field things went the Greys way as well.  Good Ben got the first wicket with a classic in-dipper, and the second soon followed in similar fashion.  Ben’s third was a fine catch taken low to the ground by Richy P leaving him with 3 for 15, and the oppo in deep trouble.  At the other end Alan had one of his better spells of the year, ending up by taking the wicket of the Balcombe danger batsman with a Yorker that he totally meant, and winning PSM in the process.  At this point Ben had been replaced by Robbie, but the results were much the same with Robbie getting his best figures for the year (3 for 17), the highlight of which was a cutter so good that Robby managed to land the ball on the leather, making it skid on and keep low to bowl the batsman.  Again this was totally on purpose and not at all down to the dodgy pitch.  Richy P had replaced Alan and bowled well to keep it tight, going for only 9 off his 5 overs, but by this point Balcombe were playing for the draw so the skip called on the right arm wiles of EL Tel, and some swingers from Zach to finish them off.  Duncan then managed to fool the batsmen to taking an extra run by running really slowly to the ball and then producing a throw of rare power and accuracy, right over the bails leaving the batsmen well short of his ground.  Terry then finished things off to end with the pleasingly symmetrical figures of 1 for 1, bowling the final batsman to give TMG victory by 105.


Balcombe 170917_1Balcombe 170917_2Balcombe 170917_3

Averages 2017-balcombe-sep

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