TMG GR-AGM 2012 at EOs house

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The GR-AGM 2012. Held at EO’s house, Ewart St, Hanover. Agenda.

1. Present and apologies.

BL, DC, RH, JB, DD, TB, AF, BB, RS, DH-vet, IA, IS.

Apologies from: Dave for his behaviour, Paul Sidnel didn’t apologise but is in Rye, Quiet ben whispered his apologies, Harry sends his apologies.

2.   Fixture list 2013.

Almost all away fixtures, apart from Brunswick V at St James. No council pitches bitches.

Hammerwood – 21st April – do we want Hammerwood twice? replace or drop




WG Gracefully – tour clash?

26th May – Brook house – no backup option to be selected.

Forest Row

Brunswick village



BH Crescent.

Bodle st.

7th July – Denton.


WG Gracefully – midweek









Crawley down – our new friends

Balcombe 22nd Sep

possibly – Newick, steyning, parteridge, etc….there was talk about a midweek game vs staplefield-NO was the response.

note: Richie Parteridge is Stephen Hawkins.


3. Reflection on this year: A Skipper’s perspective.

“I will start with a few negative things…”

We lost the first 7 fixtures, mostly to rain. Started 10th June. A big downer. The other big downer, was David’s shocking injury. Ibu has not been charged for this yet. The only thing Biff can observe is that almost all PSMs are for cricket. Are we getting better? or are we getting less funny??….

We had a v successful season. 12 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, we lost the 20-20 match.

We are the mighty greys.

We set a base, but we pulled together, when we needed it, someone did it. Everyone made a contribution this season which is very pleasing!

Thanks to all the officers for a fantastic year.

A few acolades. Terry and Alex were ever present. Terry making 4k runs! Jerry made 5k runs!!! Thanks for helping out when short, some cracking occasionals. Max, fantastic to see the father son combo. Tour, a great tour, well organised, bricks and mortar are worth it! Camping out…is out!

A great all round effort!!!


4. Vice captain’s report.

Nets, finally nets will commence on Thursday 8th November, 6.25-7.25pm same as last year. Finish on 11th April, no nets 27th December. Price hasn’t gone up. £32.50 for 2 nets per week.

A bit of brown tonguing for opening pair batting and bowling. We are getting older, but we ain’t getting worse, we are getting better.


5. Refraction on this year: A Treasurer’s attempt to bend the truth.

We have £152 in the bank.

He bought the beer it on Thurdsay, he thought it was mild, now it’s bitter! (it’s cold outside, the beer is cold).

£10 for match fees. this is agreed and voted in.

£0 for occasionals.

£2.50 for students and unemployed or discretion of skipper for individuals.

should fines go?

option 1 – drop all together-6

option 2- keep as is – 3

option 3 – modify with captains pick

option 4 – modify with captains pick and lateness.

so no more fines…..Voted out!

skipper pays all match fees and buys jugs for 50s and 100s and 5fors and 3 catches. Voted in.

Terry: “I’m increasingly in bed with them”, Skip: “lesbians?”  Tel: “no, the Albion.”

Riki – gets googled  on dates… the TMGs is the first hit!! pissing in daves shoe…really doesn’t go down well. Let’s change Riki’s net persona…


6. Reclassification: Scum tells all.

birds are googling riki…. negative affect, drooling, peeing in daves shoes, long range pic of woman bending over…I will second that emotion…how big is Riki’s bat?…the well hung cricket sex god begins here…

It’s possible to get emailed posts from the website. Just click on the “follow” button at the top of the site and enter your email address.

website: doing well, good, we will not renew our domain ( next year, just stick with the free site. People can still find us easily.


7. Finage report:

All you can eat/drink. £70-£80 left in the bank, will goto the tour…


8. Awards for this year:

  1. Bowling award. – Robbie with 28 in front of Dave 27
  2. Batting award – Jerry with 446 in front of Del 432
  3. Brokeback mountain award – Del and Jerry  – 98 in front of Dave and Quiet Ben 93.
  4. Norfolk Enchants (catching) – Ben B – 9 in front of Rob, Dave, Jerry-8
  5. Party Seven Moment of the year – wildcard – Riki peeing in Dave’s shoe. The top three are..Tel scoring 4000 runs – 7 , Rob 6 at lindfield, Rob getting dangerman against Ansty.  And Terry wins with 4000th run!!! Terry’s speech: “Thank you for patronising me, but it would have been easy to come second to Rob, for his fantastic antics.”…so so humble…
  6. Mighty Greysman of the year-all round contribution to team and club. More of a spiritual thing, than a physical battle. Worst boy band ever, “no direction” Ibu, Alex, Rich, Riki. Eastbourne 17.Nom – Biff – dealing with 7 cancelations almost always makes everyone get a game. This is from the heart, cited: BH crescent, Del came in 8, because he was opening the bowling, oppositions recognise this and appreciate it, Biff nominates Barry – sponsor of the Grey-GM, Dave – nom by EO for sterling performances, virtually ever present very impressive contribution despite having a rough year – Rob nomiation for fantastic bowling, Ben and Alex fanstatic tour contribution, Alex -for outstanding fixtures, the whole basis of our club is based upon fixtures- and roided up, great fielding, battting, hands! Tel for ever present, look to him for wisdom, and his hips lasted this year.
  7. Alex – 1
  8. Terry – 2
  9. Dave – 6…Dave wins!!!
  10. ROB
  11. Biff


9. Voting in committee members.

  1. Fixtures Secretary – Alex vs Ibu. Alex 7 v 6.
  2. Secretary – Del vs Ib. Del wins 5-3.
  3. Treasurer  –  Riki, Ian, Riki is dis-calkoolik. EO wins because he is calculik.
  4. Skipper – Biff, Ibu, Riki – Riki is captoonik, biff wins 8 votes.
  5. Vice Skipper – Dave.


10. Any other business/nonsense.

Discretionary fees. Agreed that it is £2.50….again…

  1. 10.55pm Del changes his physiology, face collapses in, eyes close.
  2. Riki – how much for half a pill ?
  3. Trophies – lets make them all the same. Lets sort this out before the AGM. Del to sort before the AGM. Dave D – line out for 2013-12. Richie is engraver in chief for 2013-14.
  4. Terry proposes that we buy the Greys are Great poster. Memoriblia Trophy t hang in the persons house for a year. If 2 greysmen are a the auction, dont bid against each other.
  5. thanks fo EO and Ibu for an amazing hosting, food and bev experience!!

5 responses to “TMG GR-AGM 2012 at EOs house

  1. Good work mate. More or less how I remember it although I’m sure I didn’t spend the whole night talking to Terry. Was EO there?

  2. Yes, we won the Greys are Great trophy. If anyone (other than Dave “It’s uncool to pass on useful information” Day) can tell me who the most recent winners are then I’ll get the thing engraved.

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