TMGs vs Warninglid 20th August 2017 by Biff Line

Good game, good game!

After turning down the opportunity to play last man stand, one hand one bounce, no lb’s, French cricket in favour of proper cricket the Greys were put in to bat on the notoriously bowler friendly track at the Lid. Every delivery had the batsmen wondering wether it would bounce higher or lower.

Over there they’re so appealing and (apart from falling for evil Ben’s patented edge imitating helmet strap) generally successfully, so much so that TMG’s top score was 28 (Dom) as the Greys made 134.The only horn action being a maximum from Alex on his way to a score of 4(according to the scorebook photo and/or my eyes). A Brucie bonus for all comedy fans came in the last over as Robby twirled his way through it not making contact until the final delivery which he dispatched over cover.

We asked a hundred people whether a cricket tea should have cheese and despite 104 of them (according to the Greys scorebook) saying yes, cheese was there none.Oh wasn’t that a shame!

Allright my loves now for the Lid’s innings. The Grey’s attack worked their way through the wickets but Warninglid kept dancing, the Greys kept dropping and the game became extremely tight. Partridge, Tel and quiet Ben all grabbed important wickets before Biff had to say I’m in charge and attempt to dismiss the last Lidman before they could get a run, or two to win.It was the moment of truth and a genuine edge looked to have done the job only for Jerry and Hatrick to drop it. You get nothing for a pair of drops, not in this game.So the next ball it was nice to see it hit middle stump, to see it hit middle stump nice.

‘I’m the king of the pack and that makes me such a lucky jack’ said Biffo on receiving a massive vote of four to make this the PSM.

Everyone gets a mention in my reports so even loudly telling the skipper to fuck off gets you in; Duncan, you’re my favourite.

DFWTMG: the Lid had to take it on the chin and say “didn’t they do well?”


Warninglid 200817_1Warninglid 200817_2




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