TMGs vs Denton 9th July 2017 by Biff Line

Hahaha, well my dear old things it seems no sooner do I relieve myself of TMS duties than I am rather unceremoniously thrust into the milieu of match reporting for my dear old friends the Mighty Greys! Something of a rush job I’m afraid with their marvellous Antipodean Secretary off to his wine estate dans La France Profonde.

A splendid sunny day at Denton with a relieving breeze from the factory end McFlurrying the famous White Poplars by the discouragingly busless roadside.Losing the toss surely can’t have gone down well with the perennially lugubrious Greys skipper. Bowling first ! Thoroughly discombobulating I should hazard.
The usual opening bowlers Ned Bowland and Axl Malaga were mere hors d’oeuvres for the Denton massive and it took a charming ruggerised run out from young Eddie Duncan to split the opening pair.A veritable masterclass from a frightfully luckless Rod Hair then dismissed the heavy hitting Milne and Poulton minor.Ashton Zoncfeld then took rather a tasty trio of wickets including Poulton senior before Terry Boutros and Zap Doakes applied the coups de grace.
A splendiferous tea was followed rather too soon by the return of Hately for seconds. An absolute brahma of a ball pitching middle and hitting off my goodness me. Benton, Furgess, Deadfern and Reichs also failed to fill their proverbial boots while Dadwards and Alaalagah tucked in to the bowling  before Doshton and Quietly polished Denton off.
Must dash now my dear old things, one rather prefers TMS champers to those dreadful party seven thousands.
biff-psm-denton-july-2017Denton 090717_1Denton 090717_2tmgs-averages-denton-2017biff7000-runs-denton-2017-july

8 responses to “TMGs vs Denton 9th July 2017 by Biff Line

  1. Top hole! All that quaffing of the free Moet in the Taverners meant that Robbie’s panther-like leap to pouch their left hander at SFL went unmentioned in dispatches. Haven’t seen anything so quick and agile since I watched a number 29 bustle down the Harleyford Road.

  2. Biff’s push into the covers for three means that he’s the first Greysman to 7000 career runs, as well as knocking over number three of the targets. Congratulations to Biff for leading from the front so effectively over the years.

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