TMGs vs Angmering 1st May 2022 by Jerry Brasher

Nets: what’s the fucking point……………off to the picturesque Angmering  for game three of the season and the first game  for your  humble  scribe. The journey West was eventful (and I wasn’t  even in EO’s car) as Tel took me on a tour of Worthing including his childhood home which made him so misty eyed we nearly crashed into the first car we encountered on exiting Rue de Shadow .

After winning/losing the  toss TMG’S went into bat with me facing the first ball of a thirty  over game from the impressive Raj. Now I know it’s not all about me, but, well it’s all about me. Thirty overs later I was still there with 109 not out at an impressive strike rate of 107. Highlights included a clip over fine leg for 6, a lofted cover drive to find a gap in the field for 4; the fifty was brought up with a slap into the hands of cover who couldn’t  hang on to the sharp chance and the hundred with a pull to midwicket for four (PSM).

At the other end a succession of losers came and went / valued clubmates gave me admirable support. Biff edged two fours through the slips before being bowled by a good one from Raj. DD continued his impressive form with with 21 in a stand of 91 for the second wicket and Dom , looking good from ball one with a smash through cover for four , getting 43 in a stand of 96. Tel appeared briefly at the death getting  1 and enabling TMG’S to post a very competitive  208-3.

In reply Angmering never really looked like getting anywhere  near TMG’S total . Dan H bowled a typically miserly spell (1-9) and opened with Chiefy who unluckily remained wicketless. After this opening spell the score book makes grim reading , in fact it doesn’t  really make a great deal of sense at all. Someone called Goulan (QB?) took roughly 2-20 and a chap called Cyril ( E”2leftfeet”O) a quality 3-38ish. Biff took a good catch, Alex kept to his usual high standard despite almost getting a Klopp Buster from a misbehaving  ball and as I hadn’t been involved for a bit took a decent catch in the  deep off Robbie . Tel chipped in with the final wicket with Angmering  mustering 140ish .

The PSM was completed in the Angmering bar where 11 TMG’S and one member of the opposition had gathered before we returned to the Constant for Bank Holiday beerage, chest measuring and general high jinks.

Match Report Report

  • Inspiration: Lacking
  • Brevity: Not lacking 
  • Everyone mentioned: 100%
  • Overall: Nicely lowers the bar for future reports.
Jerry PSM
after party
Tmgs innings 1
Amgmering’s innings 2
late nite racing is back!

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