TMGs vs Southwick Wanderers 12th August 2018 by EO Ian Sewell

The Damp Squib

The Greys rolled in to Sayers Common and the hand-held pixel-worshippers were confounded by the high cloud, good light and the near certainty of a game. Thirty overs a side was agreed and Wanderers elected to bat on a pitch that looked soggy and worn.

Southwick’s opener, captain and hipstery main-man, Jones looked comfortable and clipped anything overpitched for four with ominous good timing. Short stuff was also despatched efficiently to the hedge. The pitch was playing relatively true and the bowling was off the mark.

However the Southwick top order imploded. Jerry behind the stumps, took a diving right-hand catch after a lengthy juggle to do for the other opener, but the rest of them missed straight balls – six clean bowled. Actually one chopped-on now I think about it. The game was effectively over as a contest before The Greys’ eleventh man Jon, had arrived. Jones skied one from Alan Gallagher (3 for 16), and the steepling catch was well taken by Robor.

tmgs-vs-southwick-wanderers-2018-1Newland and Burgess bowled through their overs economically – two wickets each, leaving Sewell to come on in search of his career 300th lifetime Greys wicket ever. He duly obliged with a trademark dropping, shaping straight-one which Private Godfrey played all around. PSM.

EO_ian-sewell-300-wickets-southwick-wanderers-2018Southwick were all out for 78. Tea was taken even though the weather was now closing in, and it was very good indeed. Crudités! That’ll be the hipster influence. And more fresh fruit.


The result was never in doubt but might have taken less than the twenty overs it did but for a decent opening spell by quick bowler Nevill who accounted for Line and Fenton. Rick the Hat accounted for himself with his dire shot selection. Ashton and Meek plundered the rest. Rob rather churlishly smashing the winning runs with his third six after being dropped three times in an over. Phuutt!




6 responses to “TMGs vs Southwick Wanderers 12th August 2018 by EO Ian Sewell

  1. Hmmm the only thing I can think to say is it’s time to invest in a belt. Men of a more mature bearing should not be displaying their undercrackers to all and sundry. Very unseemly.

  2. Was about to say something similar, Mr Stat. It’s a photo of two halves. Dignified, dictatorial upper part, shambolic disgrace in the lower.

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