13 responses to “TMGs vs Jevington 6th May 2018 by Duncan Edwards

  1. Top podcasting Dunc (+ also Ben and Alan! Apologies that I just drunkenly giggled through pretty much the whole thing), though mainly just many many congratulations on sewing up PSM of the year so early on in the season. Magnificent work

  2. Another Greys first. Good use of your time waiting for the RAC, chaps. I especially liked Zonko’s Johnners moment at the beginning. One small criticism- No mention of Hatrick, Zac or Jerry, or don’t those rules apply to podcasts? And surely we should have heard the shrill cries of the pine martens, if they were really circling overhead….

    • Details Alex, details. It’s multi media mate – Hatrick, Zac and Jerry made it into the photographic part of the match report.

  3. Good point Fixtures – about not mentioning Hatrick, Zack and Jerry. It is Duncky-round-the-corna’s match report and he bears full responsibility.

  4. I’ve spent the last week developing a complex algorithmic equation utilising a Cartesian coordinate system to deduce the reason why the Grey’s season has not progressed so well thus far involving individual cricketing skill, tea quality, on-field banter, freshness of Harveys, Greysmanship and a whole web of other necessary details and it turns out it’s all Dunc’s fault.

  5. a few weeks on, and I can’t remember why duncan won PSM, I listened to the podcast again but must have been in the loo when the description came up…can someone enlighten me?

  6. I think it was because when he went out to bat he arrived at the crease whereupon the wicketkeeper advised him that it might be helpful if he was actually carrying a bat.

  7. was that the game he went out to bat perfectly attired except for his bat ? or was that a different match ?

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