TMGs vs Luppitt 17th June 2018 by Biffo Line

Lovely lovely lovely Luppitt,

For not doing a report I am a muppet,

Hugely enjoyable cricket match,

I won PSM for an overhead catch.


Sorry boys but I haven’t got time or memory for anything more but Sarah Day happened to come round this morning with a Warning Lid of sorts, so here I am in a silly hat for penance.


tmgs-vs-luppitt-tmgs-batting-june2018-scorebook1tmgs-vs-luppitt-luppitt-batting-june2018-scorebook2Averages 2018-luppittAverages lifetime-luppitt-2018

One response to “TMGs vs Luppitt 17th June 2018 by Biffo Line

  1. we discussed this report in the car
    and all decided it was below par
    previous one was moany
    but this was baloney
    I hope I’ve not gone too far

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