TMGs vs Staplefield 22nd August 2021 by the young Hoare

On the 22nd August 2021, nine of the Mighty Greys and a singular mighty not yet grey turned up at the luscious fields of Staplefield. On arrival, Diamond Dan’s disappointment by the lack of seeing Ian’s penis led to the start of play.

The Mighty Greys started strongly in their opening of the bowling with Ben Newland taking a maiden from his first over. Not much later we had Diamond Dan finding the breakthrough, bowling Mr. Young Opener for 9 runs.

Ecstatic with our recent breakthrough, we quickly picked up the next wicket with Old Hoare taking Staplefield’s number 3, taking the score to 27-2.

Robbie’s first wicket

From there the onslaught of the greys pierced through the weak defences of the Staplefield battalion, number four was caught by Dom off of a lofty cover drive. He was quickly followed back in the changing room by number 2 after a top edge into the sky, off of the bowling of Diamond Dan (this catch was taken with a lovely technique if I do say so myself) by the Young Hoare (PSM winner).

Changeover after an over

After the early breakthrough, Ian Sewell took over from Old Hoare, an elbow related injury was the cause I seem to remember, muscle therapy needed! At the other end, Dom took over from Diamond Dan. Some lovely bowling from Ian only gave the opposition a total of 17 runs off of 6 overs (got to keep up that economy!). In Dom’s first over he bowled two perfect balls to take out Staplefield’s number 5 and 7, leaving him on a hat-trick ball, one wicket a perfect in-swinging ball that sent the bails flying. Very excited we crowded the batsmen but by a fraction of a centimeter the batsmen missed it. A few overs later, Dom found his third wicket in his third over leaving his stats at a very respectable 7-3. In IO’s sixth over he found the breakthrough in the tail with another catch from Dom. For the final overs Dan Cope was introduced and bowled a very strong first over. In his second he was trying to bowl Staplefield’s number 10 and with the first ball skidding into the stumps it left Staplefield all out for a score or 68.

Dan Cope’s wicket taking final ball to end the Staplefield innings

Tea had arrived and with the help of Dom’s parents supplying the greys with fruit and biscuits we made it to the start of the batting innings.

A calamitous start to the innings!

Dave and Biff opened the innings. The chaos of the second ball transported the spectators back to the Tokyo Olympics as the flying Biff attempted (and failed) to hurdle the opposition’s wicket keeper after a confused second run. From here the innings grew into a spectacular show of all the shots available, notably with Biff’s wonderfully timed check drive for four and Dave’s shot that kissed a beer glass that was positioned on the long off boundary.

The long wait for some time in the middle.
Joshua getting his Sunday sports wrong.

After the falling of Biff’s wicket due to a well bowled ball, Alex after having a good day with the gloves went out to face the bowlers unfortunately being bowled second ball.

IO supplying the drinks.
Old Hoare hard at work.

After that, young Hoare made his batting debut, blocking out his first two balls seeing off the opening bowler only to be bowled first ball by the next bowler.

Young Hoare’s first ball for the Mighty Greys.

Despite this falling of wickets, Dave continued his slaughter of the Staplefield side hitting numerous fours off of a young bowler. After the arrival of Dan Cope at the middle the Mighty Greys easily passed the target of 68. With a great display of batting from Dave pulling a short ball for six to end the innings.

Game finished with a great display from the greys and a well enjoyed early trip to the pub for after match drinks! DFWTMG

Written by a young Hoare, edited by an old pro.


Staplefield innings (batting first).
TMGs innings (batting second).
2021 statistics as of Staplefield Match 2021.

7 responses to “TMGs vs Staplefield 22nd August 2021 by the young Hoare

  1. This is an outstanding first greys match report Hamez!!! Great catch in the game to! Welcome to the club – remember it’s definitely NOT a cult (no matter what anyone tells you).

  2. Yes James!! Great report. Disappointed that not seeing Ian’s penis was one thing, photographic evidence of it in the report wasn’t provided. Something for you to work on.

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