TMGs vs Cutter’s Choice – 15th May 2016 by Alan Gallagher

After the previous week’s glorious victory over old enemies Twineham, The Mighty Greys­ were looking to continue their unbeaten start to the season at a cool, windy East Brighton park.

And it looked as though the early season form would continue as The Greys got off to a promising start.  Bowling the first over, your humble scribe managed to bowl the first ball of the innings straight for once, smashing the stumps of the opposition’s opener in the process.  For this moment of surprising competence the bowler was awarded PSM and the honour writing this match report.  Gallagher continued well enough to take a couple more ending up with figures of 3 for 24.  At the other end Ricky Southon opened up but bowled with no luck ending up with 0 for 31.

Gallagher and Southon were then replaced by the axis of Sewell and Newland.  Sewell didn’t quite manage to reach the dizzying heights of the Twineham match but bowled well enough to end with 1 for 21 and Newland did what he always does, tempt the batsmen to drive at full swinging deliveries which they miss and get bowled.  QB ended with 2 for 28.  Robby Hoare replaced Sewell and picked up where he left off last week showing great control and repeatedly turning the batsmen inside out.  Robby was miserly going for only six runs off his seven overs and taking a wicket in the process.  Ibu also bowled well, showing a greater control of length and managed to induce a top edge to take 1 for 25.

By the time their 35 overs were done, Cutters Choice had amassed 136 and the Greys thought they had bowled pretty well.

The Greys should have been optimistic of chasing the score, but things got off to a slow start in the face of some accurate bowling. Jerry managed to play a couple of good strokes before being out to a good low catch for 12.  The Greys then lost Terry, Zach and Alex in fairly quick succession.  Biff and Ben added some stability but unfortunately not enough runs as the greys slipped further behind the asking rate. By the time Ben fell in the 31st over for 12, the greys still needed 65 runs to win, and in truth never looked like getting them.  Ibu came in and played an awesome attempted reverse sweep and Robby smashed a couple of 4’s in the last over but at the end the Greys were well beaten scoring 93 for 9 from their 35 overs to lose by 43 runs.

alan-PSM-cutters-choice-2016Cutters Choice 150516_1Cutters Choice 150516_2averages-cutters-choice-may-15-2016

3 responses to “TMGs vs Cutter’s Choice – 15th May 2016 by Alan Gallagher

  1. Nice one, Al, though you neglected to mention the bitch who thought her game of “football” was worth an argument with 22 other people, some of whom were “cricketers”.

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