TMGs vs Bramber and Beeding 22nd May 2016 by Ibrahim Azami

Match between the Mighty Greys and Beeding – though the Sun did not shine as brightly as we anticipated, our spirits were high. Having won the toss, we decided to bat first. Biff and Jerry were looking solid, and the idea was to make a good partnership.

Our opponents bowing attack was good, the boys showed a positive attitude to make our runs and shortly we lost our skipper Biff. Terry went for the batting, despite his usual form the opposing bowler may have got the best of him, catching him out. Dom, our second most promising batsman was our next choice. Looking very solid he did not let us down, having made 25 runs. Unluckily he got caught out as well by a ball to his chin, which dampened his spirit just a bit and sent him walking to the pavilion.

Once again we failed to make a good partnership; at this stage we started losing faith and the confidence to make a 100 runs. Extra motivated by the prospect of defeat, each one of our lads made additional effort to make every run count. With 20 minutes of the game or so left, I went in hard, with only one thing in my head – to put a good total for the team. I managed to hit 3 sixes and the bloke batting with me – Rob was making runs too. Unfortunately he got out as well, though not before he has dealt a good bit of damage to the opponents’ score.

One over left, I was the one facing the spin bowler with everyone’s expectations on me. With pressure mounting I started to lose my cool a bit, though in the end I hit 2 sixes in his over (winning the PSM in the 2nd one). We managed to put 143 runs on the board, really happy with the defendable total, satisfied with everyone’s performance. Despite the odds being against us through much of the game, the lads’ spirits were very high and we could take a breather over a lovely cup of tea and lunch.

After the break we had one thing was on our minds –not our opponents advance any further. Ben Newland and especially Alan have showed off their best bowling skills and put pressure on the other team, which began to somewhat struggle by this point. At this stage, we needed a wicket to not let them make a solid partnership. Any mistake our opponents made we had to take full advantage of. Alan was bowling and he hit the ball to the gully – myself not being able to stop it, I ran after it. On the second run I managed to get my hands on the ball and threw it back towards the wicket keeper, outing the batsman and breaking the partnership. This was exactly what we needed. Still, the other team showed no sign of weakness then, though we kept up our struggle. Once Ben and Alan finished their over, we changed the bowlers to Robbie Hoare and David aka Chiefy. The came for the bowling and showed some extraordinary skills, topping their predecessors. Chiefy managed to get one of the opponents’ best players out and Robbie quickly taken 3 wickets.

Now it came my turn to bowl, and at this stage I really needed to do my best to turn the tables in the Greys’ favour. Luckily I managed to out another dangerous man, and Del got a couple guys out as well to put us in an even stronger position. Little could the opponents do to stop our advance now, and getting the last man myself, we have won the match by 22 runs.






8 responses to “TMGs vs Bramber and Beeding 22nd May 2016 by Ibrahim Azami

  1. C’mon the Mighty Greys!! great report Ibu – wish I’d been there to see a few of those sixes!

  2. Great report Ibu, and great idea Del, to post 2 records of the Upper Beeding innings so we finally have a benchmark by which to judge Robbie’s handwriting. Hoare takes it by a nose I reckon.

  3. Great report, Ibu. Who’s going to tell him what “outing” someone actually means?

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