Read through the match reports for 2017

hi all, a gentle nudge to quietly reflect on what happened this year in the lead up to our annual genial meeting. Of course this is a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic process – but putting my offiado hat on necessitates that I remind you that we will also be voting on a) PSM of the year, b) match report of the year, and of course c) mighty greysman of the year.

You are able to carry out this enlightening reflection in a number of ways:

  1. By scrolling through the posts as they appeared through the year on
  2. By reviewing the party seven moments for each match, and each description is accompanied by a link to the match report at
  3. By reviewing what happened as a series of fixtures, again, each result being accompanied by a link to the match report at

happy reading, and looking forward to seeing you all Friday!


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