TMGs AGM 2017 – minutes and pics

Agenda FOR TMGs AGM 2017 at Alex’s house

  1. Present and apologies.

Terry, Rob, Zack, Dom, Ben Newland, Biff, Rik, Tim, Alex, Jerry, Richard Partridge, Del,Ricky+1 (late).

Apologies from: Dave Day, Wiggo, Evil Ben, Alan



  1. Chairmans welcome

Welcome to the 30th year of the might greys!!! many thanks to Alex and Kim for putting up with us again this year and for being such great hosts.

  1. Fixture list 2018.

Tim gets up from a creaky chair to make way for Alex.

  • 22nd April – Horley – yes
  • Hartfield – yes
  • Coleman’s hatch – yes
  • Twineham – yes
  • Cutter’s choice – yes
  • Upper beeding – yes
  • Brunswick village – no
  • Buxome park – yes
  • Sidbury – yes – the big question is do we keep the same house? – yes – Duncan asked if we need to book a suite in The A&E department?
  • Luppitt – yes
  • BH Crescent – yes
  • Southwater – yes
  • Denton – yes
  • Arundel – yes
  • Streat – yes
  • Ansty – yes
  • Wg gracefully – yes
  • Southwick wanderers – yes
  • Warninglid – yes
  • Staplefield – yes
  • Lindfield – yes
  • Poynings – yes
  • Balcombe – yes
  • Lindfield – yes
  • Angmering – no, we want to finish with Lindfield

Thanks again for a brilliant performance with fixtures!!


We are booked into county ground 6-7 Thursdays Till xmas.

Biff suggests using a setup where we can do fielding or working on areas that we want to improve.

Option 1: Plumpton Tues 8.15-9.15 (£32 for 2 nets we think) – 2

Option 2: BACA 9-10 any day (£54 for 2 nets) – 7 – THURSDAYS – WINS THE VOTE

Option 3: Falmer Monday 9-10 (£43 for 2 nets) – 0

RIK says that Terry’s hair is looking great.

5. Captain’s report.

“In the interests of brevity, and in the spirit of the format shifting match reports, I’m going to now attempt the world’s first non-verbal skippers report”.


Then skip did a visually stunning piece of performance art. We lost more than we won, and skipper throws in the towel.

6. Vice captain’s report.

Special mention to Dom and Del’s batting details, and Terry’s bowling performances and his hair do, and Duncan’s effort to bring in ringers, and our fallen players on the field of play (Tim/Chiefy).

7. Treasurer’s report

We made a massive loss. We have been running at a loss for the last 3 years, (since Rob took over…)

People have to pay their subs at nets – this is very important – there are many people who have not been paying their subs. We have about £150 outstanding.

We’ve run our surplus down now, but all this means is that tour will be slightly more expensive next year. We all agree that there’s we have no problem with that.

Nets make a profit, games make a profit – we suggest that Rob makes an estimate on what should be paying to tour, based on our finances at the time.

Thanks Robbie and Rik and Zac for your efforts.

Just to clarify too, it’s £7 still for nets.

8. Statos report

Electronic versions of the stats were sent around – and we were all very impressed by this – although Tim moans because he says when he did it, he would spend about 4 nights printing them all out and would get black lips from sucking out the empty ink cartridges.

We cover averages, overall totals, career wickets, greys caps: Terry 370, Biff and Alex over 300, Jerry 286…loads of others…huge thanks to Robbie!! (sorry I couldn’t keep up with what was said here on the night, if you want to provide a short summary I’ll happily plonk it in).

9. Secretary’s report.

We are now approaching 50k hits on the website. The quality of input is getting better every year!! We even get opponents saying how they follow our website.

Any further ideas are welcome for special reports, Terry has been great, others are needed! Pictures, video, content ideas…

Zac  proposes we put some ads on the website. He is shouted down.

Alex says he gets positive feedback from other teams fixtures secretaries.

Richard says that it would be interesting to see some analytics (e.g. location of our website visitors) – we have these, Del can publish these.

Terry then starts to undress.

More people need to put comments on the website!!!



10. Voting in committee members.


Jerry noms Terry, seconded – Terry wins unanimously


Terry noms Del, seconded – Del wins unanimously

Fixtures secretary

Terry noms Alex, seconded – Alex wins unanimously


Rob wants to make an announcement – he prolly won’t play much next year, he’s moving to Dorset. He’d be happy to carry on as treasurer.

We vote for Rob to be chief treasurer and stato, and have Rik as an assistant.


Biff noms Ben – this is seconded

Rik noms Alex – who’s not happy for his name to go forward.

Rob noms Biff – who’s not happy for his name to go forward.

Del noms Riki – who’s not happy for his name to go forward

Rob noms Dom, seconded, but he’s not happy for his name to go forward

Dunc noms Jerry, but who’s not happy for his name to go forward

BEN wins unanimously!

The team cry out: “Ben we are all completely behind you in our unianimous vote…”

Biff you became captain in 2005, that’s (we think) over 200 games…we would all like to thank you for such an amazing contribution throughout those years.



Zac nomed Jerry, seconded and he’s happy to go forward.

Biff noms Zac, but he’s not happy for his name to go forward

Ben: can the captain veto?…the dictatorship has begun…

Biff noms Duncan, seconded.


Dinner! yum!…not this year but this is where it would be

11. Awards for this year and Chairman’s report.

Every year, I set you a challenge, and every year, you’re fucking shite…5 from 17. I will set the bar a bit lower next year.

Bowling award.

Shared between BEN and DOM with 25 wickets!


Batting award.

DOM with 619 runs!!!


Brokeback mountain award.

Rik says he will create an award for this!!

The award goes to Jerry and Dom 135 runs (4th wicket partnership).


Norfolk Enchants (catching).

Biff wins with 10 catches.


Party Seven Moment of the year.


  • Terry falling flat on his face trying to get traction up the hill at Horley
  • Biff’s catch to dismiss the man who smashed it at him at colemans hatch


  • Dave mchugh at sidbury – 2 votes* – 2
  • Alan BH – 1 vote
  • Dom – southwater – 3 votes* – 4
  • Biff Denton – 1 vote
  • Terry southwick – 1 vote
  • Biff warninglid – 5 votes* – 7 BIFF WINS – wicket taking ball to clean bowl the final batsman at warninglid
  • Terry southwick – 1 vote


Match report of the year


riks 2nd one – poynings

riks 1st one – twineham – 8 …RIK WINS!!!

Bens video from – lindfield

Duncan’s final one at horley


Mighty Greysman of the year.

Last year Dom won


Ben2, Biff2, Duncan0, Terry3, Rob8, Jerry, Ian S, Alex


Amazing testimonies come thick and fast…I am too hammered to type so suggest that we have a set of manlove testimonies in the comments for this post…!




Any other business/nonsense and notes for next year!

Biff – we wana get better…catching..batting, bowling…shiould we have someone in charge for this?

Performance coach ? we agree on informal coaching at nets.

Thanks so much to Alex and Kim for putting up with us!!!

16th December for a xmas party at Zac house! – and zac agrees!…

and some further pictures in chronological order through our various physical states in the evening…


14 responses to “TMGs AGM 2017 – minutes and pics

  1. I’m sorry Biff felt he had to resign. He took us to new levels, undreamt of, in performance, togetherness and credo, both good and bad. A mighty Greys legend for all time!

  2. Meeoow , sorry to interrupt your conversation with yourself , I guess you missed the bit about encouraging people to post on the website.

  3. VC? Vice-Captain or Viet Cong? You’ll be alright with the New Era, Ultra-Empiricist regime. As long as you check your facts!

  4. Just read AGM minutes: Biff, you are indeed a legend. Myanmar TMG Chapter did not see your resignation coming. Thanks for all of it, mate. “One o’clock in the pub” in that voice of yours will always be remembered! Congrats to QB/ Good B + Jerry Basher.

  5. well done Del – not sure how you manage to write all this stuff down in the midst of the AGM madness! congrats everyone on a top season – esp. incoming and outgoing Skippers!
    Gossip column fans – me and jerry aren’t putting labels on anything yet, but we’ve been dating and its going well.

  6. Dom and Jerry, Ben and Jerry, Biff and Ben, Rik and Terry, Ben Biff and Terry…there’s some serious free love going on in this club…

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