Nets staring again Monday 9-10pm at BACA (Falmer) until March 5th 2018

hi all, just a reminder that nets will be starting again this coming Monday up at the BACA nets at Falmer between 9-10pm. These will run up until March 5th 2018.

A big thanks to Ben for the huge effort to get this sorted over the past few months.

It should be fun! I look forward to seeing a good turnout, and remember that at the AGM we all agreed that we should participate in “informal performance coaching” at nets…whatever that means…I will happily (and tastefully) sledge anyone who wants it :0)

NatWest T20 Blast
August 12, 2015

2 responses to “Nets staring again Monday 9-10pm at BACA (Falmer) until March 5th 2018

  1. I have received an email from BACA saying that they will be closing early on Monday 8/1/18 due to safety concerns with the Albion/Palace FA cup game that night. So we will have a wait another week as it stands.
    I have asked if they have any free slots in the week we can move to, and not heard back as yet. Hopefully will hear something on Monday.

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