TMGs vs Scaynes Hill 12th July

The Mighty Greys has a number of enduring traditions. Whether it’s Terry telling anybody that’ll listen about his century at Bodle Street; Jerry getting caught at slip or gully; Robbie getting injured; Biff throwing his bat in disgust; Le clunk dropping a catch.

One of these more formal traditions is the Party Seven Moment – every week as a team we vote on the best moment of the day. This crowning moment of glory is called the Party Seven Moment (PSM) as written in the fanzine scriptures back in the middle ages. The winner of this prestigious award then has the privilege of writing the match report and emailing it in before the start of the next match. These moments are usually either a moment of cricketing brilliance… or perhaps something more comical such as Terry kicking the ball up into his own crown jewels.

It was the first game back after Covid-19 lock down was a T20 at Scaynes Hill – a team of young spritely cricketers, the antithesis of the Mighty Greys. A T20 format combined with the pent-up enthusiasm for cricket and early season rustiness meant there was surely lots of potential for PSM gold.

This is where the Might Greys’ PSM selection process needs to come under the microscope. Let’s just look at some of the possibilities for PSM from a day which included some excellent cricketing moments:

  1. Trev’s finely coiffured cricketer’s beard.
  2. Eeyo bowling their dangerous opener
  3. Eeyo getting their other opener LBW
  4. Hatrick pegging back the middle stump sending the bails flying.
  5. One of the three wickets taken by Roborbob
  6. The running catch taken by Dom out in the deep covers.
  7. Jerry smiting the ball through point for four
  8. Alex hooking a bouncer from above his head.
  9. A greysman smacks 85 runs so rapidly we miss clapping his 50 because he’s on 70 by the time Del has counted it up. THIS INCLUDES SMASHING 25 IN ONE OVER! This was an innings which featured SO MANY MASSIVE SHOTS.
  10. Zack scoring a four with a lovely straight drive.
  11. Le clunk hits the winning run with a mistimed drive over the top which was dropped by a young Scaynes Hill chap.
  12. Terry arrives to watch the game 20 minutes after the game has finished.
  13. Eeyo’s post-match party jockstrap.


HOW DOES Le Clunk’s nomination win?? I CALL a HOAX!

It is a travesty that a Greysman can play such an excellent innings and not win PSM. I call for an independent inquiry.



Averages 2020 – 200720 and Averages Lifetime – 200720

8 responses to “TMGs vs Scaynes Hill 12th July

  1. Great stuff Dunc ; at least you wrote something which is better than some of the later fixtures of last year . Saying that , it is a shit match report ( I think you needed to mention Terry more often )

  2. Shoddy work Dunc – the first match report after cricket had been suspended due to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and you’ve gone with this? An absolute open goal for a match-report writer. I suppose seeing as youve been v busy working for the club to organise the new t20 fixtures you will be forgiven xxxx 😛

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