TMGs vs TMG fore-fathers 31st May 2015 by Biffo Line

Hideous broiling black clouds and torrential rain accompanied the Old Greys as they emerged from their lair deep beneath the Sussex Downs but two of their dark host were not present . No bodies have been found . No questions were asked . These two were replaced by three young ringers , Jonny and Io . The Mighty Greys giving up their newly bespectacled legendary wicky and star swing bowler in a spirit of peace and love and the ringers bringing the old Greys average age to below that of the Greys.

A lovely day getting pissed watching the Test match had been anticipated but the excellent St.James groundsman refused to call the game off and we had to play.

TMG’s top order again failed to produce the goods and it was left to the lower order to post a reasonable total of 146 chiefly thanks to Tel, Alex ,Ben ,Rob and Alan. Mention must be made of QB dismissing himself hit wicket off a wide which required the law book that has skulked unused in the skippers bag for ages to make an appearance. Jonny , behind the stumps for the baddies, took so many balls in the balls that his boot disintegrated ( I suppose the connections are different when you’re made of wood).

Tea was provided free by Mike so a great contribution from him as well as skippering the olds with good humour and mercy.

The real Greys looked in trouble in the field until Biff made a lot of ground for another PSM catch to dismiss the danger man and the the game swung their way. Zac picked up a wicket in his first spell for the club and also took another great catch as the Greys inexorably dismissed old Greys , ringers , uncle Tom Cobly and all but  Io . Cruelly left stranded on five he left the field in defeat but head held high.

All Greysmen bar wicketkeeper Jerry bowled and a perfect distribution of wickets was only spoiled by Guy being greedy and the Greys continuing to drop all Ibrahim’s catches .

All Greysmen batted bar Ricky who couldn’t be prised from the bar (superbly stewarded by Alex).

All Greysmen fielded bar Ricky who had left the bits of his brain involved in motor skills and coordination on the dance floor of the Spiegel tent.

The match was played in a great spirit of fun and some of the old Greys even stayed long enough to say goodbye.

Apologies for any vagueness, I can’t read the scorecard, the Harveys was excellent and it seems so long ago now that summer is here.



The Founding Fathers ruminate at St James Montefiore: Mike Walder, Andy Williams and Robin Webb.


From left to right:  Andy Williams,Alan Gallagher,Guy Malyon, Jonny Woodford, Richard Hibbitt, Ian Sewell, Biff Line, Rikki Southon, Dave Smith, Ibrahim Azami, Ben Newlands, Zac Sykes, Robbie Hoare.
Missing:(in the bar) Mike Davies, Mike Walder, Robin Webb, Terry Burgess, Alex Fenton
Missing (hiding behind Guy!) Jerry Brasher
Bottled out and sadly missed: Andy Lulham, Bob Golby, Alan Dilley.
Old Greys 310515_2 Old Greys 310515_1

One response to “TMGs vs TMG fore-fathers 31st May 2015 by Biffo Line

  1. Nice one skip. We put all those bits of Ricky’s brain back in, but they may have been trodden on on the dance floor.

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