TMGs vs Brunswick Village 7th June 2015 by Alan Galagher

On the best day of the year so far for cricket The Mighty Greys faced old foes Brunswick Village at the as always glorious St James ground. This was the second game of the year between the two antagonists, and with TMG coming out victorious in the previous fixture Brunswick were keen to get some payback.

TMG batted first, but struggled to score against some accurate nagging bowling. The Skip went early without scoring and Wig followed soon after for 5. The die was cast for the rest of the innings, all Greysmen struggled to score, stuck between attack and defence and in the end doing neither. Greysmen came and went on the way to scoring our second lowest ever total of 54. Only Zack managed to get into double figures, top scoring with 10.

Things looked bleak for the world’s greatest cricket team. Early inroads were required from the bowlers for there to be any chance of pulling off an unlikely victory, and to everyone’s surprise early inroads were made. The first over of the of the Brunswick innings (bowled by Gallagher) brought three wickets, an lbw first ball, followed by a tactical beamer, putting the batsman on the back foot allowing another full delivery to sneak through and bowl the batsman off his pads. Then came the PSM winning delivery for the third wicket of the over, a length ball that swung in to the left hander and clipped the top of off stump, especially satisfying as the victim was one of the oppo’s top batsmen. Ricky bowled tightly from the other end but couldn’t quite get the breakthrough and after initial success Gallagher started to go for too many runs. QB and Ian came on and bowled tidily, both picking up a wicket and keeping the scoring to a minimum, but by this point it was too late. 54 was always going to be tough to defend, and although The Greys managed to get Brunswick 5 down the score was run down with relative ease in the 18th over.

So it was another loss for TMG, but at least the early finish left plenty of time to drink some beer and enjoy the sun, which in the end is what cricket is all about. The Greys will rise again!


5 responses to “TMGs vs Brunswick Village 7th June 2015 by Alan Galagher

  1. Nice one Alan. Short and succinct. Like the batting score. Still, sad that I missed that heavenly first over – or should I say ‘Alan’s golden shower’?

  2. Nice one Al. Nothing much you can do with a game that short. And no, Hatrick, you shouldn’t. Keep you’re dirty water sports to yourself.

  3. Alan may well be in the top three for both best overs bowled (this one vs B Village) and best batting over (the 6 x 4 at Bodle Street). Other contenders for best bowling over are Jerry’s last over at Sidbury a few years back and best batting: Ian’s unforgettable 13 to win the game off the last over at Hammerwood. Any other contenders Greysmen?

    • Didn’t biff snag a bagful in his last over at twineham a few years ago? I think he got 5 wickets overall for fakall, but have a feeling the last over might have been a goodun… Need to check!

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