TMGs vs Luppitt 16th June 2019 by Biff Line

A drizzly Luppitt  welcomed the double hungover and somewhat bedraggled looking Greys in the now accustomed way. By thrashing them.

Though it cannot be doubted that the Luppitteers are ageing at the same rate as the Greysmen it doesn’t seem to have affected them in the same way.

TMG were put in to bat to fully take advantage of the “Luppitt Tea Effect” and opened up with Clunk and the Fentonator. The debut of the new TMG music walk-on system went well starting off with Duncy Boombastic and Alex Lusting for Life.

Things weren’t easy for the Greys early doors even for the two batting, though they did manage to get things moving in a way not matched until Chiefy killed the Luppitt Arms toilet in retaliation for it scaring Dom.

Alex eventually fell caught , followed by Jerry Constantly Craving a score but scooping to extra cover early. For Wig, We’ll Meet Again came true too soon as Dunc ran him out, but by the sounds of the WhatsApp Wig is fine about it. Duncan’s highscoring 38, by far the Greys innings of the day, featured many signature clunks but was highlighted by a magnificent lofted on drive for a one bounce four.

Biff Snooped on and copped a vicious one from the Luppitt track ,with an assist for Pikey, which he could only fend off his nose to the keeper.

DD Gangstarred on of course and had taken the trouble to inform us that he couldn’t play the sweep. Again no surprise when he attempted that very shot to achieve a Golden which Luppitt picked for PSM (if only we had left it to them).

Dom’s Sir Mix a Lot didn’t score a lot, nor did a Zarathrusting Ben or Hatrick Dicking Around. Chiefy Jumped Around and nearly had us reaching for the maximum horn only to be caught short by a long log length leaving Ricky stranded. Ricky”s entrance to Ride of the Valkyries was obviously a joy to behold and inspired him to a first ball RickyFlicky and he was going at a run a ball until he ran out of partners.

Tea? What can I say ,its Luppitt. A massive majestic spread featuring homemade goodies a plenty, lovely sarnies , sweet things and fruit. We really should consider having a whole afternoon eating tea and a small interlude of cricket. Io had a run through of this idea except without the cricket and seemed pleased, though I couldn’t understand what he was saying as his mouth was full of cake. When he finished the cake I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

TMG therefore took the field even fatter than before, except Io who despite eating twice his own weight in Luppittreats still had no way of keeping his trousers up. The Greys had more chance of pulling in Teignmouth the night before than defending 103 and managed neither.

Ben, repeatedly, Chief and Wiggles all pulled off great stops and Dom and Jerry took catches but most of us just ran around the surrounding fields chasing Barry’s sixes. Biff eventually dismissed him with a High Yorker and went on to pass a hundred wickets in only his 65th season and was awarded an undeserved PSM.

A great day as always here and followed in the evening by a raucous Gin fuelled Extreme Quoits competition which went about 8 rounds and ended with Io holding off Ricky to take the title.

Written without the aid of a safety scorebook but it’s a report and its in early!

5 responses to “TMGs vs Luppitt 16th June 2019 by Biff Line

  1. Top work Biffo! “Things weren’t easy for the Greys early doors even for the two batting” – is a great line – had me chuckling!

  2. Agreed. Good work Biff! This summed up what I can remember of the day well. Ricky’s entrance with Dunc as his speaker bitch was pure class. I can’t look at that batting card ever again though…

  3. No mention of my 3 catches , one of which obvs won the game – I don;t know if i’m playing the same game as some of these Jesus

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