TMGs vs Brighton and Hove Crescent 23rd June 2019 by Jerry Brasher

So many ideas , interpretive modern dance , a silent black & white movie with organ soundtrack or even pulling in all my celebrity favours and doing a kind of Stella Street TMG episode. Unfortunately so little time, so on with a good old standard (i.e. a bit boring) match report.

On winning the toss QB put the Crescent in at the Horsdean Bowl with the format being 42/38 over style with 9 overs maximum per bowler and all 3 (4 for you pedants) results a possibility. Early wickets were hard (well impossible) to come by as the Crescent openers batted well dispatching anything loose but playing the good balls well with QB only going for 10 from his 6 over opening spell. Robs spell started well but gradually the boundaries started to flow possibly due to his self inflicted run out attempting head injury.
Enter El Tel, the wily silver fox ,who made the breakthrough by getting their skipper plumb LBW during his impressive and entertaining (1-33) spell – which includes smashing Jerry’s box and getting the other opener with a text book stumping if only the wickets hadn’t suddenly shot forward 5cm as the bails were about to be removed. The BHC middle order were no mugs with the bat with EI (4-38-1) Dom (2-26-0) and Buff (2-20-0) getting the harshest treatment. It could have been worse but Dom took a good catch to remove the dangerous number 4 Bala. There was just time for Jerry to take a casual one hander off Al behind the stumps before BHC declared after 39 overs on 243-6.
In reply, against good quality bowling, TMG never really got going despite a typically jug avoiding 47 from Roborbob and the unusual sight of the pavillion still being upright after Biff was runout. Due to this tight bowling the run rate gradually rose until a draw was the only result TMG could strive for so Dunc and Jerry dug in with some solid defence and the occasional flamboyant shot typified by Jerry’s back foot cover drive (PSM) off the far from mute Piper.
Beer and banter were enjoyed first at the ground and then at the Constant where the question of Monday morning conversation at Casa Ashton was ruminated on…
Mrs Dom: “but you keep telling me you’re really good?”
Mr Dom “Err , err I wasn’t feeling well”

5 responses to “TMGs vs Brighton and Hove Crescent 23rd June 2019 by Jerry Brasher

  1. Nice one Jerry! The mrs definitely doesn’t care enough about cricket to talk about the days play after it’s over but I did a lot of soul-searching whilst listening to some of Leonard Cohen’s bleakest ballads

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