TMGs vs Lindfield 12th July 2015 by Biffo Line

In response to a couple of enquirers after the game i was able to report in a short text .

Lost , got 146 , bloke Zac dropped second ball got a ton in 15 overs. See you next week .

DELBOY – Not good enough Skip , we’ve got to fill some space here !

The Greys recent decline in form and fortune has been put down to a variety of things ,

EVERYONE – Line out !

but many of these are beyond our control .

EVERYONE – Don’t bet on it , ever heard of am EGM ?

As i was saying , the ageing process , quality of opposition , star players unavailability are largely beyond our control but we have decided to remedy the loss of our rising young star Hatrick by operating on him ourselves . I am providing the drill , Jerry the elastic bands , Terry the bone grafts (from the bit that fell off when he got doinked at Denton) , Alex anaesthesia (10 Jagerbombs ), Ben filming and uploading to utube , Guy meat cleaver , Alan and Partridge holding Ibu down while Rob drains the blood transfusion from our only clean source  with an old beer line. Obviously it would be irresponsible to do this without a trained professional on hand to stitch up so Dave the Vet is being recalled from Wherethefuckisthatistan to satisfy the health and safety bullshit. As soon as the Kid is back we crack on and the Hat should be right as rain for the August availability slump.

DELBOY -What about the fucking game you dropkick?

Yes indeed the game has changed a lot since we’ve all been playing together so i feel that changing it completely for next season to Big Daddy Splashdown is something we can take in our stride. This will enable us to get back to winning ways as it will be many years before our opponents are able find out what the rules are from Io . Every week we’ll be entering the pub to ” the winners and STILL undefeated champions of the world , the MIGHTY GREYS ! ” Brilliant .

DELBOY – No , the fucking cricket game drongo!

Oh , we won that easy , ROOOOOOOOOOOOT ! He was great again wasn’t he ?

DELBOY – Ha de ha ha dork , TMG vs Lindfield

If i say any more about that it will make it seem like it wasn’t all Zac’s fault though.

DELBOY- So that EGM date is

The openers put on 50 ,  great shots from Tel, Alex and Zac , PSM for Biff for some nifty footwork for an on drive through midwicket soon after after being nobbled by the rather rapid opener, Jerry hooking said rapid opener on his way to 46 . Ibu is being promoted up the batting next week in the search for a lower order slogger , he has promised to chubb up to Tim proportions at Eid.
Serious problems with Guy’s long barrier , so bad his own wife and daughters left the ground in disgust.
Alan bowled well with no luck as did Ibrahim and Rich. Rob broke the habit of a lifetime and “volunteered” to bowl into the wind , the upside being he came off after two so only picked up 3 new injuries.


DELBOY -Strewth i haven’t got fucking time for this !

EVERYONE -Line out !!!!!!!!!!

biffo_psm__brunswick_village_2010_SQUARELindfield 120715_1 Lindfield 120715_2Averages-2015-lindfield-july12-2015

One response to “TMGs vs Lindfield 12th July 2015 by Biffo Line

  1. I know Jagermeister tastes like cough medicine, but I’m not sure it actually has any medicinal properties. Can suggest we just hit him over the head with the PSM trophy….or, get Ben to smash into him again? More homoeopathic, curing like with like (we’d obviously have to water Ben down quite a lot).

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