7 responses to “TMGs vs WG Gracefully 2nd August 2020 by Hatrick

  1. This cracked me up from beginning to 10.30, when it got really weird. Worth waiting for though. Thanks

  2. Amazing! The voice is incredible- not sure how you managed to do it without getting a very sore throat. Some great lolz

  3. I actually felt like I was in a cinema and the silent bit from 10.30 onwards felt like the bit where you walk out at the end in the day with credits still rolling. Loved slipman as my nemesis. Add to that gullyman and backward-pointman.

  4. Hilarious! You should definitely undercut the deep, deep voice-over man, especially as he has no principles regarding the films he promotes. .Beautiful music, just like Classic FM on a Tuesday morning.

  5. Too short ! I’d just like to say that hearing the horn and your team mates applause while raising your bat to all corners of the ground is not really “jug avoidance “.It’s not really my fault the scorer can’t count.

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