Shadow clocks up 2500th match! By Del

A buzz of admiration was noticeable on the pitch on Sunday as our own Shadoooow Burgess clocked up his 2500th game for the Mighty Greys (extra o added for added wow factor). Beginning his career for the club back in the early years in 1887 when pitches weren’t just uncovered but weren’t even mown, the shadoow had to hand stitch his own whites and spikes were created by pressing your moccasins onto a strand of barbed wire. In those days, there was no need for sunscreen either. The fallout from the Krakatoa was still evident, the skies were pitted with ash and the sun was nowhere to be found. What an effort to have made it all this way. And yes, true to form, the Shadooow was there at the end of Sunday’s match to watch the final ball, wide as it was, disappear wide of the keeper to boundary for a well deserved 5 wides. Congratulations Shadoow!

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