TMG vs Brunswick Village match report June 2012 by Ian EO Sewell

“Cricket was the Winner!”

The Greys v Brunswick Village @ St James’

10th June 2012-07-06

This was much less a cricket match than it was the story of one man’s epic struggle against adversity. This was a triumph of indomitable human spirit; of endurance beyond the limit of ordinary mortals. His determination to follow his vision, to defend his dream* against the naysayers; against the stuffy received wisdoms of his day and against the incredulous mutterings of those made of less stern stuff, to reach the higher ground.

And so it was Greys captain, Biffolini, postured, preened and ponced his way through curtains of rain, clouds of derision and calls for his resignation, and through the sheer force of his own iron will led The Greys to glorious victory!  And at the day of battle’s end we who had endured gazed over the field of conflict at an abject morass of fluvial detritus, prayed for fallen comrades and gave thanks.

*if not his wicket

2 responses to “TMG vs Brunswick Village match report June 2012 by Ian EO Sewell

  1. EO gave a few of us a nudge to reflect back on this beauty, glad he did, but he didn’t mention the broken collar bone! On another note, I only hope that the rest of the team had as much fun coming back from Sunday’s match – I’ll bet nobody could match DD’s taxi with the hydraulics pumping, snoop on the box and of course the drive-by to boot….damn big boot that is…

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