Tel’s Top Fashion Tips #1

Tel’s Top Fashion Tips

Calling all Metrosexuals!

Every Sunday, as I make my serene way around the cricket villages of Sussex, it seems as if I always have to fend off more and more questions like “What’s your secret to looking so snappy?”, “What’s the next big thing on the fashion scene Tel?” and “How can I dress like you to make such a great first impression?” With thanks to the webmaster, I’ve decided that the time has come to share my fashion hints and tips with the whole of the cricketing

Guys – if you want to be like me – the last word in sartorial elegance and style – then start right here. Over the coming weeks I’ll be dealing with all the big issues and hot topics to help you look just as sleek, poised and elegant as me:  how dress for success on the pitch and dress to kill when you’re off it. I’ll be showing you how to perk up your bodily hygiene the Golby way and keeping your kit bag tidy the Sewell way. You’ll find out everything you need to know about match-day diet, and where to shop for that Monte Carlo millionaire look – even after three days in a field in Devon!

I’ll be saving the best till last – how to smash sixes, crank up your run rate and still look like a winged god flying between the wickets!

So let’s get started straight away.

No. 1   Get moisturising!

Yes, my secret’s out.  I look so young and vibrant because I moisturise! Guys, there’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about this.  First thing every morning you’ll find your very own fashion icon up and smearing himself with jojoba oil, rubbing in that aloe vera juice right into the cracks, and enjoying the cool feel of shea butter soothing my skin.  Without these I’d look like Mother Theresa on a bad hair day.

But the biq question is: which one?

I’m only telling you this because I have years of experience here.  In no particular order:

1)      Zirh Protect Face Moisteriser.  Has Pycnogenol for that extra zip! Gives me that extra ten yards in the field

2)                Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser.  Lightweight and full of lovely natural fruit acids and vitamins.  Yummy! You’ve probably caught a whiff of this as I sped past when we run a three together.

3)                And I’ve got to give a mention to L’Oreal’s Men Expert Hydra Energetic.  Tones me up in the changing room after a breezy 50, and probably the best £6 I’ve ever spent! On anything!

Some come on playmates, drop all those silly prejudices: Be like Tel – squeeze those tubes and slap it on!  It’ll knock years off your age, and scores onto your batting average.

Next week: The Big One –how to smell great before, during and after that crunch match!

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